A Minimalist Blog

40 items of clothing, 9 pairs of shoes, 5 bags

A Small Wardrobe is a blog about my passion for my minimal wardrobe. You may have heard about Project 333, Marie Kondo, or capsule wardrobes. These are some of the people and concepts that have inspired me while I have minimised my belongings over the last nine months. I have taken elements of various minimalist concepts and adapted them to meet my own needs.

As I live in Australia, a reasonably arid place, I don’t feel I need to go to the effort of creating a fresh capsule every season. We do not experience the climate extremes of the Northern Hemisphere. What suits me best is to own a small number of items and have them all visible in my wardrobe on a daily basis.

Through this blog I hope to tell you why I have created a small wardrobe, how I manage it, and how I’d like to improve it. Perhaps I can inspire you to do something similar.  🙂

At the date of publishing I own a total of 40 items of clothing:

5 dresses

10 tops

5 shirts

6 knits

7 jackets

3 pairs of pants

1 pair of shorts

3 skirts

9 pairs of shoes

5 handbags





  1. You’re a true inspiration. I admire anything minimal. And it’s much less mainstream to live with such shortage of clothing. Others boast the fact their wardrobe triples in size in just a few weeks or month, but what I love about you is you’re nothing like that at all and I admire that. I really do. I’m looking forward to reading more. Im following ❤ love, Sara.

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    1. I used to have a large wardrobe Sara! Downsizing has really been great though. I find myself thinking back to old apartments or travels and imagining how much easier those would have been if I’d adapted this mentality sooner. Thanks! 🙂

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  2. Hey, good for you for not submitting to the outrageous (and vacuous) demands of the current advertising and media pressure. To live simply yet with your own style is a powerful statement in itself. Kudos. (And thanks for visiting my blog!) Nelson

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  3. What a novel idea! Having travelled Asia extensively, including parts rarely on the tourist wish list I can confirm we Westerners have way too much stuff and we keep accumulating. Moving countries helps get rid of all that stuff on a frequent basis and sitting in a mud and thatch hut with nothing but a bed consisting of four posts and ropes for a mattress support causes one to reflect on just how much one needs to have fulfilment. Interesting work, a place to sleep and eat is all you really need and that is underscored by people who have nothing at all but are for some strange reason (to us) are very happy. The higher up the so called prosperity scale people move, the less happy they seem to be judging by the current state of our Western Democratic systems.

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  4. Thank you for your blog! While I have not gone full-out minimalist, I am learning to buy less, and, when I DO buy, I am buying items of much greater quality and durability. Will be following your blog!

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      1. Oh really???! Oh my goodness, you have encouraged me soooo much. Because I watched your video and it was SOOO good and I was like : I want to start my own channel.. wow. Thats awesome. What do you use to edit?

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  5. Hiya! You just liked one of my posts, and your blog name captured my interest — and I’m so glad it did! Capsule wardrobes/minimal wardrobes are incredible, and I hope to get down to one (or possibly two, summer and winter) eventually. Thanks so much for sharing your process and insights. xx

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