Three Weeks in a Small Wardrobe

36 items of clothing, 9 pairs of shoes, 4 bags

This is the diary of my current wardrobe.


I recorded my outfits for three weeks. I only photographed work days because work is the place where my outfits matter to me the most. In the past I felt like I had nothing to wear to work. It’s nice to see how much my work wardrobe has improved over the last few months.

Having a small wardrobe means I reuse a lot of items for different purposes, so most of the items I wear to work I also wear casually during the weekends. For the weekend I wear these items in combination with my active wear and a different sweater or jacket.

Over the last three weeks at work I wore:

4 knits – two tight merino knits (one grey, one black), two grey cashmere sweaters

2 pairs of pants – black jeans and white jeans

2 skirts – one grey midi viscose skirt, one grey mini wool blend skirt

3 shirts – a denim shirt, a grey silk shirt, a white cotton shirt

2 tops – a blush long sleeve cotton blend top, a white t-shirt (shown layered)

3 jackets – a black leather jacket, a wool blend black coat, a black trench

1 dress – a flowy black mini dress

A total of 17 items.

There were a handful of items that I added to the mix on the weekends, such as my wet weather jacket and a navy blue cashmere v-neck sweater, so let’s call it 19 to be safe. Either way, it is quite evident that a small wardrobe of 40 items or less is more than adequate.

I find it quite impressive that there are still many items in my wardrobe that I don’t wear. During the weekends I still have the privilege of trying on and rejecting outfits. To be honest, those items that rarely get selected for an outing need to watch their backs, because their days are numbered.

There is still a lot of work to do in my wardrobe. My summer wardrobe contains unflattering items, which I will hopefully be able to replace as Spring progresses. I have 9 pairs of shoes, some of which I also hope to replace or discard.

My wardrobe is a work in progress and by no means do I feel it is ‘complete’ or ‘perfect’. 



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