Minimising the Other Belongings

36 items of clothing, 9 pairs of shoes, 4 bags

As I started to remove unnecessary items of clothing from my life, I started to remove other belongings from my life.

When I first moved into my apartment with a large amount of built in kitchen, bedroom and laundry storage, I thought, ‘I’m going to need more storage’. I had this idea of filling my lounge nook with a custom built in cupboard. Lucky for current me, past me had no idea what this was going to look like. I called in a carpenter and asked him how he thought we could fill the nook. He had few ideas and almost no enthusiasm, and after he left and I never heard from him again, I decided I didn’t need to build up the nook just yet.

As I started removing items of clothing from my life, I started to look around other spaces in my apartment. They started to look too full. At this time I was going through the shopping fast. To be completely honest, putting my shopping hobby to rest was leaving a gap in my life. So I begun a new decluttering hobby to fill the gap. I would mill around the apartment anxiously, thinking about all the places filled with belongings. Then I would tackle a shelf or a cupboard that needed a cleansing.

I used the same instincts for decluttering my books, CDs, DVDs, documents, kitchen items, bedding, cosmetics, art supplies, stationery and miscellania as I did for my wardrobe. Did I have more than one? Did I use it? Did I need it? Did I like it?

I discovered a strange resistance at this time. ‘BUT I’VE HAD THIS FOR YEARS,’ I would whine about a random belonging that I never used. The best example of one of these moments was the CD collection cleanse. I sat down with the 25 or so CDs that had been moving house with me over the last 15 years. After I was done resisting the cleanse, it occurred to me then that I didn’t even have a CD player. To reduce the blow of letting my lifelong belongings go, I told myself I would just burn the CDs I really loved. Then I realised I didn’t have a disc drive in my laptop. I chuckled at the idea that I’d even owned these things for the last five years. I decided to cull the collection down to my favourite dozen or so. The ones I kept now live in the nostalgia glove box of my car, and they actually get listened to on occasion. The others are gone and I had literally forgotten they ever even existed in the first place until I wrote this paragraph. I probably couldn’t tell you what they were now.

With time, I’ve allowed the nook to live in peace as a nook. I’ve also emptied a number of cupboards and shelves. Did I need all those books that I didn’t even like? Did I need all those DVDs I didn’t watch? Did I need 10 baking trays? Did I need those receipts from 5 years ago? Did I need that red bedding set that I hadn’t wanted to sleep in for years? Do I miss the unused belongings? No.


The nook is allowed to be a nook now.


White sheets only, just as I’ve always liked it.


Tones and textures matter.


Only useful and precious things on surfaces.





  1. “Few ideas and almost no enthusiasm.” Many tradesmen here (Korea) just want quick and easy jobs so they can charge their basic rate and move on to another job.
    I’m also reducing my CD collection. I have a CD player but with streaming music available I don’t really need the CDs. They’re just more clutter to collect dust on a shelf.

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