Three Ways I’m Minimising in October

36 items of clothing, 9 pairs of shoes, 4 bags

If you’ve been reading along, it’s evident at this point that I’ve been minimising my wardrobe and other belongings all year long. As I’ve been decluttering my space, I’ve been thinking about how to simplify other aspects of my life. During my recent trip to Thailand, I started to feel like some of my routines were unnecessary or excessive, so I’ve made the decision to cut some products and processes out.

  1. No foundation. I have always had pretty good skin, and through most of my twenties I actually did not wear makeup at all. It’s only in the last six years or so that I created a daily makeup routine. Since I started a regular exercise routine, my skin has improved a lot. I almost never get breakouts, my skin tone is pretty even, and my pores are quite fine. When I think about these things I wonder why I’m even wearing foundation at all. The answer is conditioning. At some point I decided my skin was better covered up, and now it’s gotten to the point where I feel self-conscious without it. Last week in Thailand I did not wear any foundation at all. To be honest, the lighting at the resort was pretty poor so I couldn’t even see my face anyway, which helped me get over that feeling of being ‘exposed’. I am going to continue colouring in my eyes and eyebrows though. I can’t give up on my eyebrows.
  2. No moisturiser. Part of my new supermarket shopping routine has been about purchasing a smaller variety of products. I’m not actually about to stop moisturising, I’m just cutting moisturiser out of my shopping list. I actually use coconut oil on my hair regularly. It absorbs really fast and soothes irritated skin, so why have I even been buying moisturiser in the first place?
  3. No soap. I have a fancy soap dispenser, and I purchase liquid soap refills. It occurred to me that my body wash and hand soap are of the same brand and seem to promote similar qualities. I decided to ditch the soap refills and now I just use body wash as hand wash. It seems to be working fine, there doesn’t seem to be much difference between the two products.


I have to say that while part of my reason for getting rid of these products is my desire to simplify, it also resonates with my desire to learn to love and accept myself more. We use so many beauty products out of habit, or because we perceive them to make us more attractive. I’m happy to put them aside and see if I can feel confident without them.

Are there any beauty products you would be willing to stop using in an attempt to simplify your life?



  1. A few months back, I decluttered my bathroom and was shocked at the amount of hair products I had. I’ve been making a point to only buy to replace what I actually use. It’s really cut down what I spend.

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  2. Yes! I love using different natural oils to moisturize with (right now I’m using sweet almond oil). The bottles last forever & so cheap comparatively.
    I also recently stopped putting on BB cream. I think it really has helped my skin by just eliminating that step! I do need to look into an SPF though since my BB cream had that in it. Do you have any recommendations? 🙂 Keep up the good work! Glad you stumbled on my blog so I could find yours! -lln


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