A Blue Button Up Shirt Three Ways

37 items of clothing, 8 pairs of shoes, 3 bags

I want to write a series of articles under the heading ‘Three Ways’. In these posts I will discuss specific items of clothing in my wardrobe. The primary focus will be to explain the benefits and functionality of each item. I think this might be helpful if you are trying to figure out what items of clothing you’d like in your own wardrobe. I also know that a small wardrobe can get boring at times, and it might be helpful to get some inspiration on how to wear your clothing.

Recently I have gone through an ‘acquiring’ phase in an attempt to complete my wish list. The first item I purchased is a blue cotton button up shirt by Uniqlo.

My desire to get something like this started when I noticed how much I love these types of shirts on men. After a while I realised that I too could have a smart masculine shirt! As with a majority of my wardrobe, this item is designed to be appropriate for work. However, I do love this look enough to wear it during the weekend also.

Why is this item suitable for everyone? Even if you are a person who enjoys colour and pattern, I would consider getting at least a few neutral coloured tops to create a clean and simple focal point. Pay close attention to the fabric the item is made from. You are better off investing in a good quality fabric that is breathable and can handle many washes than something which will stretch or damage easily. In this particular case, 100% cotton is superior to a polyester blend. This style suits all shapes and sizes. If you are heavy on top you might consider getting something in a darker shade. If like me you are small on top, a lighter tone helps create the illusion that you are bigger there, especially when worn with something dark on the bottom. It doesn’t matter what industry you work in, a neat button up shirt always looks sophisticated and appropriate.


How to wear on a workday? A shirt of minimal colour is so easy to style during the week and is appropriate in almost any weather. During the summer you can roll the sleeves up and wear with a skirt or trousers of just about any colour or pattern. In cooler weather it can be layered with a knit. For something fresh you can layer it with a t-shirt. This is a look I’ve been having a lot of fun with lately. Try it out with a statement necklace.


How to wear on the weekend? During the weekend I love a neutral fitted shirt in this style with skinny jeans, heels and a dramatic lip colour. I think this kind of androgynous look is both intriguing but comfortable.


Tuck in or out? I would tuck the shirt in if you are wearing something loose fitting on the bottom, for example a skirt or wide leg trouser. I would let it hang out when you wear it with form hugging bottoms.

Buttoned or unbuttoned? In terms of balance, I feel like the shirt looks great buttoned up all the way when worn hanging out. If you are tucking it in, or tying it near the waist, you can unbutton a couple of the top buttons for a more feminine look. If you layer it under a shorter knit or t-shirt, I would leave the bottom button undone (you can see I failed to take my own advice in image 2).

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know your favourite button up looks!



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