Three Ways I’m Minimising in November

37 items of clothing, 8 pairs of shoes, 3 bags

It is nearly a year since I started minimising my life. The more time I have spent reducing my things, the more I realise how little of what I own I actually use. This month has been about reducing electronic and digital clutter.

  1. No DVD’s. It started with the DVD player, sitting behind the TV, getting dusty. I realised I had dusted the thing every fortnight for the last eleven months, and yet I’d only used it a handful of times. The DVD player was the easy part. The hard part has been letting go of my DVDs. I didn’t have many, but the few I had were my most favourite films and TV series of all time. I found it surprisingly difficult to let go of these. In the end logic prevailed. I barely used the DVDs and they took up space. I can get digital versions of them all anyway. I sold the films and gifted the TV series to a friend.
  2. No TV Screen. While I do have a large screen, it wasn’t connected to any TV channels, I simply used it for enlarging media viewed on my laptop. I consider television to be quite vampiric in nature. It’s very easy to switch it on when tired, sit down, and allow time to get sucked away. I did away with television channels a few years ago, when I first started living on my own. I used the spare time I gained to kick start a number of creative projects, and the experience enriched my life. Recently I realised I had barely even used the screen at all. The truth is, I’m used to my tiny little laptop, and it is perfectly adequate for my entertainment needs. The TV screen created a focal point in my lounge that I was no longer comfortable with. Why was I staring at a large empty screen? Couldn’t I replace the screen with things that inspire me? Right now it is residing in my wardrobe, awaiting evaluation, though I’m certain it needs to go.
  3. No Tumblr. Of course minimalism isn’t just about physical clutter. Reducing digital clutter can also free your mind of distractions. I had a Tumblr account associated with this blog, but I have to admit I don’t ‘get’ or enjoy the platform. Initially I updated it regularly, but I just wasn’t finding it satisfying and stopped putting effort into it. I decided that I could get rid of it as I already have Twitter and Instagram accounts anyway. Tumblr wasn’t bringing me joy, and to an extent it caused me anxiety because I kept thinking about how much I ‘should’ be using it.

The space that was once taken up by my barely used entertainment system has transformed drastically. It is now a space for inspiration and contemplation. It contains things that relax me, including some treasured objects, my favourite artwork, and some candles. This has changed the mood of the lounge, and as a result my mood when I rest there. 


Are there spaces in your home that can be transformed to serve you better?



  1. I had a similar experience getting rid of my camera and lenses that you did with your DVDs. I finally sold them a couple of months ago when I realized that I was hanging on to the image of a photographer. I hadn’t used the equipment in months/years, so I sold them. So far, no regrets. I figure if I ever get an itch to take photos again I can borrow my brother’s camera or rent one.


  2. Some really great tips 😊 I went through a phase where I got rid of one thing everyday until I felt my things have decluttered to an acceptable extent (I decluttered enough to be able to live out of my van but I still kept getting rid of things!)
    Love this kind of inspiration for simple living 💛

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  3. I got rid of TV about 5 years ago and the only time I regretted it was during the 2012 Olympics. For 2016 I borrowed a friend’s cable subscription password to watch live streams from my computer and all was well!

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  4. I recently eliminated Facebook and am seriously considering cutting my main tumblr account (I use a second as a portfolio). I felt such a sense of relief once it was gone. 🙂 Congrats on the DVDs! I really need to go through mine (and be brutal about it).

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      1. Very true. 😄 I have see an Amercian show on TV called Tiny House Nation, have you seen it? They basically build houses that are 200-400 square feet and it is amazing how imaginative they are with use of space, and how hard it is for people to cut down their belongings at the start.

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  5. I thoroughly enjoy your blog and how you keep the intent on minimalism be it with your wardrobe or home. Almost 2 years ago, I turned off the television in favor of screentime on the iPad and recently contemplated donating the television. I haven’t had DVDs (except for the cherished few) for years and 4 years ago quit all social media but Twitter (and my dog’s Instagram). Life is better, that is certain. Now, if I could just raid your closet I’d be super stoked! 😎

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  6. The last video screen to leave the house was in my bedroom. In its place stands a set of tall wooden bookshelves where I’ve displayed my beads used for jewelry crafting, plus a few pretty and practical candles, childhood sewing basket, and wooden containers. I use everything on it and thoroughly enjoy looking at the display. I prefer attractive, functional items in any display. Everything else in the room is a blank surface.

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