Minimal Wardrobe: 8 Pairs of Shoes

37 items of clothing, 8 pairs of shoes, 3 bags

My shoe collection is the least minimal thing in my life. I have tried to cut it down, but I simply find that I have a purpose for all of my pairs of shoes. I have never been shoe obsessed, but I do like having a range of shoes for different situations. I really prioritise comfort, and all of these shoes are incredibly wearable.

Here is a guide to all the shoes I own. The three handbags I own are included in the images.

Work Shoes



I have a pair of pointy flats and a pair of loafers. These two pairs of shoes were purchased earlier in the year. They replaced one pair of suede flats that I had worn regularly for a couple of years. They had stretched out and faded to a dark green colour. I decided to treat them with shoe polish, but this was clearly not the correct response as it ruined them. I had originally intended to replace them with just one pair of shoes, but in the end two were a better option as I can minimise wear and keep them both in good condition.

Winter boots


I love these boots for their comfort and style. I bought them in London in 2013. Unfortunately, their days are numbered. They have sustained a lot of damage on the surface of the leather. Furthermore, the right boot has started making an obnoxious squeaking sound. I’ll probably try to replace them next winter.

Heeled boots


Aesthetically, I don’t love the chunkiness of these boots so much, but they are great for dressing up casual looks. They are but one of two pairs of heeled shoes I own, and these remain in my wardrobe because of their comfort and flexibility.

Formal heels


I’ve mentioned these in my formalwear post. I will admit I have not yet worn them, but I really do have an adversity to heels to begin with. I will definitely wear these as summer progresses. Out of all the pairs of formal shoes I looked at, these were the most aesthetically pleasing and simultaneously comfortable I could find.



I walk and run as much as I can. These shoes are my life and I would wear them everyday if I could. Please ignore how stained they are.



I live in Australia. No need to explain further. 



Another Australian necessity. Beach, short walks, visiting friends… I use these all the time.

In terms of my handbags, I basically just own three clutches in slightly different tones and textures. I will write a post about these some time in the future.

I’m sure there are many of you out there who have far fewer pairs of shoes, but this is what I find to be appropriate for my current life situation. While I do not wear all these shoes regularly, I really feel like each pair has a purpose.



      1. You’re right, its probably not glamorous to some people. I happen to own sneakers, thongs (flip-flops), hiking shoes and a pair of falling-appart low heels! I like your shoes 🙂


  1. I have an awful habit of buying colorful shoes. My current runners are super comfortable but pink. I love them and for now I’m okay with the color – moving forward though, I plan to buy shoes in black so they are easily matched with whatever I’m wearing.

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  2. I love your sandals. I live in the UK but would be grateful if you’ll send me the make! (If you know it off hand). Love the fact that every pair has a purpose. I want to apply this principle to my handbags. Do you have the same wardrobe all year? I do P333 but seasonally. Currently pregnant so I’m enjoying using my capsule wardrobe skills!


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