My Morning Routine

37 items of clothing, 8 pairs of shoes, 3 bags

I would love to claim that my morning routine has come about as a result of minimalism, but it has not. Truthfully, I have been waking up this way for about four years. My morning routine is one of the things I feel I have mastered in life, and I cannot emphasise how much it makes everyday better.

If you want to start a meaningful morning routine of your own, I would recommend that you start your day half an hour earlier than you do now. Shhhh, I can hear your protests from here! Allow me to elaborate. I am suggesting that the shock of waking up, shoving coffee down your throat, rushing around to get dressed and hurling yourself onto some form of public transport first thing in the morning is a stressful experience. Using those thirty minutes to ease your way into the day will be a more positive start.

This is what I do.

  1. I Wake up at 6:30. In winter the alarm does this job. In summer the sun wakes me up earlier. Cat Jeffries can tell I’m awake, and demands breakfast. I open the blinds.
  2. I feed Cat Jeffries. I Drink a glass of water, while preparing a cup of green tea, and slicing a cucumber.
  3. I return to bed for fifteen minutes of meditation. I set a timer, throw on music, and place the cucumber slices all over my face, including my eyes. I breathe. If you can’t focus the mind, try doing some pelvic floor exercises. This helps get me back into my body. It also reminds me to breathe lower in my abdomen.
  4. It is now 7:00. I return to bed again, this time with breakfast and the green tea. Breakfast is yogurt and muesli and requires very little preparation time. 
  5. I consume the food and drink, as well as your writings. I like to browse my favourite blogs while I eat. This is an inspiring activity which sets the tone for my day.
  6. At 7:30 I emerge from the bedroom to get ready for work. I shower, dress and make up.
  7. At 8:00 I leave the apartment. I am now ready for my day, as I’ve eased myself into it. I’ve already had some ‘me time’, so I don’t feel too resentful about living life outside of my bedroom.


A morning routine gives me ownership of my day. Having some time in the morning designated to you and what you want to do can minimise modern life resentment. There are any variety of things you could use this time for. It might not be meditation and reading, but it could be exercise, making a proper breakfast, stopping by a cafe for a fancy coffee, playing with your pet/child/spouse… Anything that brings you joy and makes you feel energised!

You don’t need to be a minimalist to start your day in a way that inspires you, but you should spend at least part of the morning doing something that really serves you.



  1. You nailed it when you said it’s important to take ownership of your day. That small step is what makes us all feel in control and purposeful I think. I try to wake up an hour before Margs every morning- this gives me time to myself which makes my day start on a far more positive note.

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  2. I agree with these tips. The past six months I taught myself to get up half an hour early and drink a glass of water with a slice of lemon. And then half an hour to relax and wake up. It is strange, but it really helps.

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  3. This is a pretty awesome post! You hit the nail on the head! Thanks for the tips. I recently started easing myself into my day and waking early without an alarm. How you take care of yourself before you face the world is so, so important! It really affects everything! I used to wake up late, rush around, and be late to work every day. It stressed me out so much. I finally decided to make a similar change like the one you’re describing, and it made a world of difference. Good to know there are others out there making the morning effort, too, so I don’t feel quite so odd

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