A Black Slip Dress Three Ways

37 items of clothing, 8 pairs of shoes, 3 bags

Recently I came across an amazing slip dress by Morrison. My 2016 wish list was completed and I had told myself I wouldn’t buy anymore clothing this year. When I saw this dress I changed my mind. To make up for the guilt of diverting from my shopping rules, I count this item as a 2017 purchase, and the funds have come out of my 2017 shopping budget. This purchase meant I removed my not so flattering denim shirt from my wardrobe. Bye bye denim shirt. R.I.P!

Here are the reasons I chose to purchase the dress.

  1. Flexibility. This is a very simple little black dress, which means it is excellent for layering. I bought a larger size so I can easily fit tops underneath. This allows me to wear the dress for special occasions on its own, or layered to work. It also means it is appropriate for a number of weather conditions.
  2. The fabric. In its most simple form, this dress is a polished update on the lingerie style slip dress. While I’ve loved the idea of a silk slip, I haven’t considered the style could be appropriate for work. The fabric in this dress is a high quality viscose elastane blend, which means it is a lot thicker than silk. Because it is thicker, it holds its shape better, and the fabrics worn underneath do not show. It can be comfortably worn in a professional setting without lingerie lines showing. The fabric has a subtle sheen to it, enough to be interesting while maintaining a polished look.
  3. The cut. The cut is a straight a-line. This means it politely covers my lady lumps for work situations. It also means it will be excellent in winter, as I’ll be able to layer easily with knits.
  4. The fit. I’m quite short and petite, 163cm tall and weighing 51kg. This dress comes to about knee length on me. I might consider having it taken up an inch or so in the future if the fabric wears well and it proves to be a long term investment. As the fabric has a bit of stretch to it, I’m sure the dress is intended to be figure hugging, but being a small person, the size 1 was only fitted in certain parts of my body. As a result I chose to go for the size 2 to keep it loose all over.




My favourite look at the moment.


Layer things underneath or on top.

This dress could be considered an impulse purchase, but I knew it would be an excellent addition to my wardrobe. I have worn it a lot already. Not only is it appropriate for day wear, but as a bonus, it is my second formal dress option. As a general rule, I prefer to adhere to my shopping rules, but I’m not too upset with an occasional (clever) rogue purchase.



  1. Very pretty dress and imaginative as well. I admit I find minimalism hard (even though I don’t have many clothes because I don’t like shopping too much, ha) because I seem to be incapable of mixing and matching things. Looking forward to reading your blog for more tips.

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