One Week of OOTDs in a Small Wardrobe

35 items of clothing, 8 pairs of shoes, 3 bags

I felt it was time to get back into some OOTDs. Last year I recorded my work outfits for three weeks. This summer I want to record my outfits for two weeks.

Week one has turned into a summer OOTD disaster, as it is suddenly winter in Western Australia. To say that the low temperatures and rain are unseasonable is an understatement. Typically this is the hottest time of the year!

I love the change in temperature, and it has validated my most recent wish list purchase. I was eyeing off this Grana cashmere boyfriend turtleneck for some time, hoping I would be able to buy it for a better price during sale time. The price did not drop but I grabbed it just before it sold out. Since I’ve been doing the small wardrobe thing I have tried not to purchase items out of season, but I have no regrets with this one. We are susceptible to cool summer nights and the recent weather gave me to the opportunity to wear it while it’s new.


When the turtleneck arrived I said goodbye to this the chunky black and white knit. I had been thinking about getting rid of it for some time as it wasn’t the best quality to begin with and it has stained and stretched with time.



It never ceases to amaze me how neglected some of my wardrobe can be even when I only have 35 items of clothing. There are still items in there that barely get any use. If you have a close look at what I’m wearing below, you’ll see I’ve worn the same high neck top and black tights twice, and everything else got worn just once.


Monday: Black high neck top and grey viscose skirt. It was hot, but I needed to cover my legs because of some recent sunburn.


Tuesday: Drape viscose dress and black tights. Still hot, but still necessary to cover the legs.


Wednesday: High neck top and black cotton rich trousers. Getting cooler.


Thursday: Ok, it’s officially winter! Rain and low temperatures have me wearing the black cashmere turtleneck with black jeans.


Friday: Still winter. Favourite black leather jacket, sheer grey shirt and tights.



      1. For that you have to travel, I guess? To be honest, Norway had surprisingly bad winter this year, i.e.almost no snow, not really cold, so I would not even say “come to Oslo for real winter”😆😆

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  1. I *love* your style!! And I agree: I have a pretty small wardrobe as well, but I keep defaulting to the same handful of garments week after week. Sometimes it’s silly because I know that defeats the purpose of having a more minimal and curated wardrobe

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