Two Weeks of OOTDs in a Small Wardrobe

35 items of clothing, 8 pairs of shoes, 3 bags

Week one of my summer OOTDs ended in disaster as the weather turned wintery. As a result, I’m going to do one more week of summer OOTD’s after this one, so you can better idea of how I use my wardrobe when it’s hot.

Last week was hot and humid and my outfits were a good representation of what I wear when summer really kicks in. Sandals are a necessity in this climate, and as you can see it is totally acceptable to wear these is a professional setting in Australia. Another essential has been my short silk skirt which is extremely comfortable and breathable. Long sleeves are wearable as long as they are made from a light cotton or silk.

You can see I am getting drawn back to a lot of black. Last winter I felt like I needed less and gravitated toward lighter tones, but now the solid black is back. The aesthetic part of my mind has been spending a lot of time in Paris and the 1960’s. Simple elegance is all I have wanted.


Monday: Morrison slip dress under Pigeonhole sheer cotton shirt. You might not be able to see this, but the bottom half of the buttons are undone.


Tuesday: Ricochet white cotton shirt with random black ribbon and Weathered silk skirt.


Wednesday: Grey silk shirt and Picnic viscose skirt. I rolled the skirt up a few times to balance the outfit. If it were cool enough for different shoes, I would have worn it in its normal midi length.


Thursday: Weekday cotton high neck tee and Weathered silk skirt. This is my favourite easy summer outfit at the moment and I have been wearing it with my leather jacket during cooler evening outings.


Friday: Morrison slip dress over Country Road linen tee.


I like recording my daily outfits, as it helps me analyse my wardrobe. It is always a revelation to see what works and what I am not wearing. I also notice any wardrobe gaps I might have.

There are a couple items that I will probably be getting rid of as soon as I find replacements. Skinny jeans in particular are something that I find myself less and less drawn to. I would like to replace these with some more interesting pant silhouettes. I have also wanted another high neck top in a white stripe. Finding this has been hard, but I am still hoping one might come my way.



  1. I just wanted to say, I really enjoy your blog, perhaps because my collection of clothing and gear lies at the complete opposite end of the spectrum to you. It is slightly embarrassing, and I wish I could down-size a bit. But I rock/ice-climb, ski, live in a climate with big temperature differences, and often travel to places with big temperature swings as well. So I feel justified in that I actually do use this gear. But it is great to see an example of the opposite 🙂

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