Three Weeks of OOTDs in a Small Wardrobe

35 items of clothing, 8 pairs of shoes, 3 bags

Last winter I recorded my work outfits for three weeks. This summer I wanted to record my outfits for two weeks, but unseasonable weather in week one led me to a third week of OOTDs.

Week three of summer OOTDs was again marred with cool weather. I welcomed the relief from the heat, but there have been some things I have worn recently which I would not normally wear in the summer months.

It is interesting to see that some items in my wardrobe still get neglected. This fact makes me scrutinise every item I own, and consider removing more from my wardrobe. It’s really good to be aware of how much of the stuff we own we actually use.



Week  1


Week 2


Week 3


Here is a summary of the items I wore over the three weeks.

Tops: 3

Black high neck top

Grey linen tee

White ruffle top

Shirts: 4

Grey silk shirt

Blue cotton shirt

White cotton shirt

Grey sheer cotton shirt dress

Skirts: 3

Black silk skirt

Grey wool blend skirt

Grey viscose midi skirt

Knits: 1

Black cashmere turtleneck

Jackets: 1

Black leather jacket

Pants: 2

Black cotton rich trousers

Black skinny jeans

Dresses: 3

Black viscose blend slip dress

White rayon dress

Black drape viscose dress

Total items of clothing: 17






Total shoes: 3



  1. Hello, I loved all of your outfits – so chic. And thank you for going to the trouble of photographing them all, it’s makes such a difference to be able to see how you mixed and matched so innovatively, Lol xx

    Liked by 1 person

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