How to Build Minimalist Wardrobe Series: Part 2 All Black Evening Wear

35 items of clothing, 8 pairs of shoes, 3 bags

This is Part 2 of my blog and video series on how to build a minimalist wardrobe.

In Part 1 of this series, I started with six black basic items of clothing.

  • Black cashmere Grana turtleneck
  • Black viscose Morrison dress
  • Black silk Weathered skirt
  • Black cotton blend Uniqlo trousers
  • Black leather Marcs jacket
  • Black lyocell Zara trench

In Part 2, I use the same six items of clothing and I introduce a different pair of shoes. My Nine West leather heels help create three looks that could be considered evening or occasional wear.


When you have few items of clothing, flexibility is the key to wardrobe satisfaction. I need to have clothing that can transition from the office to a more formal setting. I have very few items of clothing have purely the purpose of evening wear.

The trick to ensuring your clothing can make the transition between night and day is to pay attention to the fabric quality of the items you purchase. The items of clothing I am able to wear in formal looks have a smooth and refined texture. The fabrics look like they feel soft and delicate, and they do! The black leather jacket is a no brainer, this type of classic item makes the transition between day and night easily. The trench is made of a soft draping lyocell, and can be worn to hug the figure. The dress is a viscose blend with a heavier weight and a shine to it. The cotton blend trousers are form fitting and also have a light sheen to them. When these items are worn with heels, they look understated, but appropriate for special occasions.

Another way to ensure your black items of clothing and shoes are flexible is to avoid purchasing items with unnecessary findings and attachments. Simple black items with few distractions are timeless and have more longevity.


Here is a video I made to help bring these ideas to life. Enjoy!



  1. These are great tips for building a reliable, capsule collection. I agree so much with you that it is important to buy pieces that are made from quality materials. It may cost a few bucks more but it is so worth it!

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  2. This is a perfect outfit! I have this in my wardrobe except I only seem to wear black lace boots with everything! I can’t seem to get on with heels…

    I love the style of your blog, very sleek 🙂

    Rosie Mauu


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