How to Build Minimalist Wardrobe Series: Part 3 Adding White

35 items of clothing, 8 pairs of shoes, 3 bags

This is Part 3 of my blog and video series on how to build a minimalist wardrobe.

In Parts 1 and 2, I started with six black basic items of clothing and two pairs of shoes.

  • Black cashmere Grana turtleneck
  • Black viscose Morrison dress
  • Black silk Weathered skirt
  • Black cotton blend Uniqlo trousers
  • Black leather Marcs jacket
  • Black lyocell Zara trench
  • Black leather Aldo loafers
  • Black leather Nine West heels

With these items I was able to put together nine day and evening looks.

In Part 3, I add two white tops.

  • White cotton Bassike tee
  • White cotton Ricochet top


Black clothing is extremely flexible, which is why it forms an excellent basis for a whole wardrobe. Adding white to the mix introduces contrast, adding a focal point to the outfit.

When I purchased my white tops last year, I wanted one for casual situations and one for formal occasions. I paid close attention to the cut of each. I feel my shoulders are fairly narrow so I was attracted to boxy shapes that would enhance them. The loose v neck tee is perfect for this purpose. I wanted the shirt to have a contemporary silhouette, so I chose a straight shape with a longer hemline at the back. Both tops are made of cotton. Living in Australia, I really need to ensure that my clothing is breathable for those stifling summer months.

My whole wardrobe consists mostly of black and white. For years I attempted to wear colour, and purchased a whole rainbow for my large wardrobe, but I didn’t feel comfortable wearing it. As I have decluttered my wardrobe more and more, I find it is these essentials of black and white which I am drawn to time and time again. They are both so simple and perfect for any occasion.

With the addition of the white tops I was able to put together three new day and evening looks. You can see the difference adding white to the basic black items has made!


I used my trench belt around my neck to create a vertical line to keep things interesting.


The matte drapey trench and the shiny simple silhouette of the dress work really well together.


A simple summer work look. I layer the dress in many ways.


I would wear this out on the town. I wear lower cut tops with my leather jacket because I feel this makes me shoulders seem wider.


Wearing work appropriate trousers with a tee and leather jacket looks neat but edgy.


Replace with comfortable shoes for an office look.


Here is a video I made to help bring these ideas to life. Enjoy!



  1. Absolutely love look 4 & 5 !!
    You have inspired me to invest in my very first leather jacket.
    You have also opened my eyes to see my wardrobe a different way. I now only own one of each item. No longer do I have 5 white tees that literally all look the same.
    Working in retail is fun but becomes over whelming.
    Keep up your amazing work ❤️

    Liked by 3 people

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