Five Benefits of Minimalism

30 items of clothing, 8 pairs of shoes, 2 bags

I have been minimising my belongings for sixteen months now, and the process has altered the way I think and live. When I first started to declutter my stuff, I did so because it felt nice to let go of unused items and have more space. With time, I found there were a number of other benefits of reducing my belongings.

While minimalism is unique to the individual, there are some common advantages that I think many minimalists would agree on. Here are some of the benefits of minimalism I experience in my daily life.

  1. Having less stuff. Obviously. On my person, I carry less. In my home, I have fewer things. When I shop, I buy less stuff. As a result, it has become a lot easier to move around. Whether it be travel, or moving house, as you learn to live with less, life gets lighter.
  2. Becoming a mindful shopper. Getting rid of so many things has made me much more careful about what I purchase for my home and wardrobe. Shopping can be an enjoyable activity in itself, and in the past I would purchase things just to get a small lift in my day. I now focus on getting only what I need when I shop.
  3. Saving money. Because I am a more mindful shopper, I spend less money. I really evaluate every purchase a lot more than I used to. Removing a lot of expensive but useless things from my life has forced me to respect the value of money again. Now I think at least twice or more about any purchase I make.
  4. Spending less time with material things. The process of minimising has made me realise that all our belongings take time and effort. We spend time buying, cleaning and maintaining things. We spend time organising, packing, moving, unpacking and organising again. If we chose to declutter, we spend time sorting, selling and donating things. When you develop mindful shopping habits, less energy is spent acquiring things. When you declutter, less energy is spent cleaning and maintaining things.
  5. Spending more time on important things. As you spend less time with material things, you start to spend more time on important things. When you start to remove clutter from your life, you are making decisions about what is important to you. My past preoccupation with shopping stopped me from engaging in more satisfying hobbies. I spend a lot more time exercising and being creative now than in the past.


Here is a video I made to help bring these ideas to life.




  1. I agree! I recently get into Minimalist for clothes and shoes. I always like see people using limited clothes for entire season and use the most out of one piece.
    I think I focus more into material and quality now. I think this can help us brainstorm about what is our best style and need.

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  2. This post is really speaking to me at the moment – I’m trying to do a mini capsule wardrobe in May to try and ease myself into the whole minimal living thing. I hope I succeed, lol. Really love the line, “As you learn to live with less, life gets lighter”!


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      1. Oh girl! I NEED & want to minimize! I’ve got SOOOO many shoes and clothes it makes me crazy! Thank you for the message! It wasn’t to me, but speaks to me! I’ve started to cut down, but clearly not enough!

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  3. This is great! I am moving out of my student accommodation to return home for a short time before moving abroad. This has meant a lot of de-cluttering and taking careful consideration into what I actually take with me due to baggage limitations. Exactly as you say, buying clothes etc is a hobby for me and a waste of money. I really need to get more into this mindset

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  4. I love this. The idea of having less seems obvious until you start to declutter and then it’s as if you can’t get rid of things fast enough. I am still working on my wardrobe and deciding what I need and what can still go but everyday I make progress. I’m hoping that with winter I can really hone in on what I need in my wardrobe (I started just after winter and while my summer wardrobe is good, the winter one is still problematic) and get a good handle on what I have.

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  5. There are lots of great benefits here! Minimalism is definitely becoming more appealing to me because I waste a lot of money on things I really don’t need.

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  6. Great advice! Being mindful of how materialism affects us all is so important. Spending less time on clothes means more time to find better ways to increase your confidence. Looking inward, not outward. And more opportunities to be creative with your personal sense of style.

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  7. I like the idea of mindful shopping. I think I practice this too these days. I do not need stuff anymore. Ever since My life went a bit weird and then I went travelling with only a backpack, since coming back I find all of the stuff I have collected over the years, more of a burden than a joy. I would love to declutter and slim down my life, but the prospect is very daunting. Bit by bit though I think I need to dive in. Thank you for the inspiration 🙂

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  8. A side benefit to number 3, call it 3.1 if you wish. Advertising doesn’t really work on minimalists. I generally know what I need, know when I plan to buy it, and no amount of advertising will change that. Ads have become less annoying now that I know they don’t apply to me which means less stress.

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