A Jumpsuit Three Ways

30 items of clothing, 8 pairs of shoes, 2 bags

I recently purchased the Lacausa Santi jumpsuit in XS. I first learnt about Lacausa when I purchased my evening dress last year. I had been watching the Santi jumpsuit for months after it had sold out. I was recently informed the style was back in stock. Lacausa, however, does not deliver to Australia, which complicated things. Eventually I spied the item at a local boutique, and was thrilled to try it on and purchase it.

I am excited about this jumpsuit, because in my world, it is a statement piece. While it is simple and neutral, the silhouette is unique. In addition, it is ridiculously comfortable, to the point where it feels like I am wearing pyjamas.

This cost of this item is relatively high compared to my other pieces. In addition, I had to get the straps altered as they were too long on me, which added to the expense. I had to justify this purchase by analysing the item’s potential for versatility. I was able to that because I knew I could wear it in many different contexts and alone as a statement piece. Here are three ways I am wearing my jumpsuit.

1. Casual wear. Australia is pretty warm for a large part of the year, and this jumpsuit is light and breathable. On its own it is an amazing item of clothing. It is easy to wear, comfortable, and works with different shoes and accessories. The simple, loose cut makes it appropriate for layering. Here I have worn it on its own, and also belted, with a layer underneath.


2. Work wear. The jumpsuit on its own is a little too casual for work, so I have been layering on top of it. Paired with a shirt, it reads as a wide leg pant. Adding some work appropriate flats completes the look. I was considering purchasing a pair of wide leg pants for work, but in the end the jumpsuit has a lot more flexibility. Here I have paired it with my favourite silk shirt, and viscose top.


3. Occasional wear.The jumpsuit is made from viscose, and has a sheen to it. As it is long and flowy, it makes an excellent replacement for an evening dress. Here I have worn it with my party heels and my leather jacket and belted with my trench for two different evening looks.





  1. Thanks for the post! I have recently ordered a jumpsuit and have bookmarked this page; I hope to get as much use out of the garment as you have. I really like your ideas for layering with sweaters and jackets (over, rather than under)… I think that can transform a “summer” piece into something viable for all seasons.

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