Minimalism and a Statement Necklace

30 items of clothing, 8 pairs of shoes, 2 bags

I used to have quite a lot of jewellery. I actually do still have the jewellery I have decided to discard in my secret storeroom dungeon as I have not decided what to do with it yet. I will write about how I went about paring it down in a future post.

Downsizing jewellery can be difficult for a couple of reasons. First, there is the matter of monetary value. Precious metal jewellery can be quite expensive, and it feels wasteful to pass those items on. The second reason is sentimental. Jewellery is often given as a gift and there is a lot of attachment to things that were given to us by loved ones. When I think about my collection, there are also pieces that I purchased while overseas and those remind me of great adventures. It can be really hard to let these items go, but logic tells me that if I don’t wear it, I don’t need it.

In terms of general advice about decluttering jewellery, I would look at it exactly as you do items in the rest of your wardrobe. I have noticed, that much like with clothing, I go through phases of enjoying certain types of jewellery. There are pieces that I loved when I first got them, and now they get ignored. Does your jewellery suit your authentic style? Are you getting regular wear out of it? Are the pieces versatile and can be worn in a variety of contexts? Ask yourself these questions if you aren’t sure what to keep and discard.

I now have exactly three necklaces. Two are chains with crystal pendants. For some time I wanted a more solid collar necklace, but could not find anything that I liked made of a precious metal. I decided to go ahead and make my own.

I found some ridiculously fine sterling silver chain and using knitting needles, knitted this little creature on my own.


It was complicated to make, especially the part where I had to figure out the right length for my neck. I actually made and re-made the necklace about three times in total. Another challenge was using really fine knitting needles, and having to get finicky forcing the needles into tiny, tight loops. Lets not forget Cat Jeffries. He apparently has great taste, because while he has almost no desire to play with ordinary cat toys, he cannot resist attacking a fine sterling silver chain. Even now that the piece is completed, he will paw at it whenever in sight.


Aside from the challenges, I am happy with the outcome. I wanted something close to my neck that I could tuck under a collar. I wanted something simple, without any colours. I wanted something that was going to draw attention to my neck in a low cut top. Here are three ways I wear my necklace.




  1. I have been reading thru your posts. Nice inspiration. I want to travel the world, and small is the way to go there. Once I am retired, I will return and follow the advice even closer. I just dont have the time to go thru everything right now, but I love it!

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  2. I love your blog posts! I’m on the same journey. I currently have two necklaces, one from my grandma, and one from a very special little boy. (I am actually thinking of getting a third one, for every day occasions.) Less is more! Keep them posts coming!

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  3. I do beadwork and have for years. One way I have used my beading to reduce needed jewelry is to make or buy “statement” pendants of various types. One large really nice art glass bead on a chain for example. Change outfits? Remove the bead and use the chain alone or with something else. My approach to jewelry is close to what my clothing approach is: find ways to have a minimum. For me that’s stud earrings, a pendant, and if I have them in matching metal, 2 bangles. (And of course my wedding rings, but they aren’t jewelry to me, they’re part of my body.) I like your necklace and I never would have thought of that!

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  4. Amazing! So creative, and the necklace turned out so beautiful. I’ve been clearing out my bracelets I don’t wear anymore, but didn’t want to part with the pretty jewels used on them, so I cut the bracelets apart and am using the jewels to make new rings to sell in my Etsy shop. Win-win!

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