Minimalist Apartment Tour: Bedroom and Wardrobe

30 items of clothing, 8 pairs of shoes, 2 bags  

I have recently posted two apartment tour videos. The first was an overview of the three main living spaces of my home, and the second a detailed look into my kitchen and living areas.

This week I present you with a tour of my bedroom. Since I have simplified my belongings, there has not been an awful lot of things for me to store in my bedroom.

There are the obvious furnishings, a fancy futon bed and a couple of bedside tables. As I’ve mentioned before, I purchased the bedside tables right before I started minimising my things a year and a half ago. If I had my time again, I would not have purchased these. I actually had some old wooden crates that would have performed this duty perfectly. In the bedside drawers I store some very minor electronics and miscellaneous objects like keys and ear plugs. These objects could easily be stored in the kitchen, and if I move house again I will consider selling the bedside tables.


The apartment has a large built in robe, 2.3 metres long. This wardrobe is the original site of my big bang minimalist moment. If you look at how empty it is now, you would be shocked to know that the whole width of it was once filled with clothing I never wore. In the video below you will see how I organise my clothing and shoes. All my clothing now inhabits the right side of the wardrobe. I keep a few practical items on the top shelf and left side, but they are virtually empty.

Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 10.28.43 AM

Here is the video tour of my bedroom. If you would like to see more of my videos, subscribe to my YouTube channel. Enjoy!



  1. Thanks very much for your tour! We have this in common. Last year I sold and gave away so many things that were just not needed in my new single life. Minimalism is a beautiful thing! ❤️❤️

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  2. Very organised, light and open bedroom!

    I have a question about your wardrobe – is your 40 piece wardrobe specific to the season? I.e. is this 40 piece wardrobe for winter only and do you have other summer pieces that you switch out when the season changes and store the out-of-season clothes somewhere?

    xx Miss Piggy


  3. I love your blog! You’re the reason why I got rid of half of my clothes. I realized I didn’t wear most things and I kept them simply because it was mines. So thank you!

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  4. Hi there, thanks so much for sharing this post and video. I find your videos restful and inspirational at the same time and this was no exception. The final shot of the shaft of sunlight coming in at an angle, with your beautiful cat contentedly sitting, was a thing of beauty, Lorraine 🙂

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  5. I love your blog. Seriously.
    I also minimized my belongings like 2 years ago now. But I only live in one room, where I have all. My workplace, my bed, closet, bookshelf, piano, hamstercage. My room is small. So I don’t have a lot of space. What should I do?

    I would love to minimize more. But I already got to the minimum. It makes me a bit sad that I don’t have a lot of space to dance and do yoga. 😥

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  6. Wow! This is something I have been trying to do over the last year. I think I will feel so much better, mentally and emotionally, when I release all the unnecessary items that I hoard. It also will create the time and energy that I would like to dedicate to doing the things that I truly enjoy. Thank you for your words! ❤️❤️

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