Minimalism: Five Things I Stopped Buying for My Wardrobe

30 items of clothing, 8 pairs of shoes, 2 bags

Since I have minimised my belongings, I have been very careful about what I buy. I’ve talked a lot about how I shop for new pieces for my wardrobe. I thought it was time to tackle the subject of what I don’t shop for anymore. Here are five things I no longer purchase for my wardrobe.

  1. Sale items. Sales are a really easy way to buy things you do not need. We are programmed to think that we are getting value when we purchase on sale, but an item is not valuable when you do not wear it. As a general rule, if you wouldn’t buy an item at its full price, don’t buy it on sale.
  2. Trend pieces. Fashion retailers create short cycles of trends to entice us to buy, buy, buy. It’s really easy to get excited about fashion trends because on some level we get fooled into thinking we can re-invent ourselves with a new top. Instead of buying trend items, I now purchase items that are classic basics. This ensures that the items in my wardrobe never look outdated and can be worn for years ahead.
  3. Sleepwear. I don’t have specialised sleepwear in my wardrobe. Over the last year my sleep and leisure wear drawers have merged to form one. Most of the things I sleep in are things I can wear casually around the house. These days I don’t like having specialised items for specialised purposes, because that generally means having more stuff.

  4. Unmatched pieces. I used to shop pretty impulsively, and sometimes that meant getting a nice thing I saw regardless of whether it matched other things in my wardrobe. Of course, for this reason, I never had anything to wear. Now I only buy things that work with other items in my wardrobe. Often that means purchasing understated pieces rather than the exciting ones, but I always have outfits ready to go.

  5. Occasional pieces. In the past when I had a special occasion to attend, I would go out and look for a new outfit. This resulted in many items in my wardrobe that got worn once or twice and never again. Now I have versatile items that can be worn in different contexts. If there is something special coming up, I wear things I already own.


Here is a video I made with a little more depth to the discussion. Check out my YouTube channel for more videos about minimalism. Also, you can now follow me on Facebook, where I post the minimalist resources that I am reading and watching!



  1. Great videos as always! I have a very small number of articles in my closet as a direct choice. Much simpler for men I suppose yet the premise is the same. When I was married, the number of shoes and other items always dismayed me. Thanks for your video!!

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  2. I’ve never really understood the concept of lounge/leisurewear. But perhaps that’s because I avoid the kind of clothes you want to take off as soon as you get home! On those rare occasions when I feel too sick to get dressed, I just stay in my nightwear, with a dressing-gown for warmth.

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  3. I especially agree on that last point! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had that conversation with girlfriends about an event coming up and how they need to get something new to wear for it. My response is usually a puzzled look and maybe a polite “but you look so good in that pencil skirt you have!”

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  4. I’ve probably said this before but you are such a brave soul. I am not called a maximalist for nothing, I’ll admit, and the prospect of feeling down to the bare necessities petrifies me 🙂 that said, I’ve begun attempting a slight housekeeping in the area of fancy clothes since I don’t attend many events and the likes so that’s an itty bitty baby step. With the exception of two or three pieces, I’ve either donated or sold everything else that’s too spiffy for normal everyday wear, and when I do need something special, Rent The Runway helps 🙂

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  5. Occasionally, i wear loungewear, so i have some old Gitano ‘sweatpants’ i picked up for $2 at a thrift shop and throw on a pullover hoody from NYC the kids didn’t want anymore. But, usually, i work until nearly dark, so after showering, i’m ready for pajamas. I did splurge and bought high quality flannel nightgown and pajamas. It gets cold in our house in the winter, so these have been a good investment despite their new cost. Everyone’s schedule is different and i completely understand your viewpoint, too. In the summer, sometimes i just throw on shorts and a tank top for bedtime. Enjoying your blog!


  6. I love this! Thank you for sharing! I’m beginning my journey into become a more frugal and minimal woman, and although I don’t have many clothes when I look into my closet I have clothes that I don’t love, that don’t match anything, and really no longer fit. I needed this inspiration!

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  7. Great post 🙂 I am yet to find a way of controlling myself when it comes to sale items, my brains doesn’t act on logic, or rather it does but the logic is ”it’s on sale, it’s a bargain, I must have it!” 🙂 x

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  8. Number 5 and number 2😄😄😄 yds totally agree. Trend peices are how I put it “5 minute trend peices” when it’s gone out of the limelight it’s gone out of your head to wear it. I tend to go for the basic, classic styles. It’s about doing your homework too! It’s always good to look up the style and see if it is a recurring look.

    I totally agree with occasion wear I like to buy stuff that I can wear casually and if needed an item that I can switch up instantly into something more eventful! I.e a baggy oversized top for jeans and a baggy oversized top as a dress with heels , chained strap bag and hoops!

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  9. I tend to buy nice stuff for work and they double as my going out clothes. I don’t have much clothes either.
    I buy nicely cut pieces making sure they go with what I have . Special occasions I have a few outfits that I rotate. Sometimes I don’t even bother . I just wear one again and again. I love my clothes and I wear them to death. If I see something I like, I buy in different colours.
    You can buy nice pieces cheaply when the go on sale.
    Our wardrobe is such hubby have a bigger section than me. He buys stuff all the time . I hate clothes shopping . I love home shopping more.

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  10. That’s a great list. I follow the same. I don’t buy Sale items. First of all, there’s chaos in stores, so I even avoid stepping inside the store during those times. I also don’t buy trend items like cold-shoulder dresses which I find everyone’s wearing but I have steered clear of those. I also hate investing in occasion wear because they cost a lot and hardly ever worn. Swapping or borrowing is a great idea when you need to attend weddings. .

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    1. OH! I didn’t know how to do that either, until recently. This whole blog is basically me documenting how I’ve been learning to live more efficiently. I’ve got heaps of posts about how to shop, just check out my ‘wardrobe’ link. Thanks for reading! ❤

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  11. I am not a minimalist by anyone’s definition (I don’t think), but as a rule I instinctively follow most of your suggestions with one exception. I do have special nightwear. I didn’t use to, like you I wore leisure clothes. But I found I like having special night clothes. For me it works. Thanks for stopping by and liking my blog.

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  12. I feel that a person who true really knows how to dress can improvise with very little. I used to be the same way and
    buy clothes impulsively, but as of now I’m literally down to a small duffel bag and backpack. Feels good to let go of all the clutter and realize what you truly need, awesome post 🙂

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  13. I think every point is good especially number 4 which is something I noticed I didn’t pay too much attention to. Now whenever I pick up an item I always think about what itemS (emphasis on the ‘s’ there) it goes with in my wardrobe. Great post Xx

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  14. Awesome post. Personally, I struggle with my sleepwear category — I have a whole drawer dedicated to it! I suppose there’s always room for improvement.

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