Minimalism: Allowing Yourself to Tune into the Seasons

30 items of clothing, 8 pairs of shoes, 2 bags

Many of us have a lifestyle that is quite structured and inflexible. Daily routines rarely change through the year, as we have specific activities that we need to complete each day.

What I have noticed is that I actually go through cycles in the year that align with the seasons. While we often cannot change our whole lives to suit the weather, there are certain adjustments we can make to meet our needs. As Australia heads into serious winter, I am finding that for once, I am trying to accommodate my body’s changing needs as much as possible.



For me summer is a time of energy and excitement. The days are long, and the possibilities endless. I spend a lot of time outdoors in the summer. I do not exercise as much as I’d like to because the Australian heat will not allow it. You will, however, often find me at the beach or on a sunset walk. I also seem to get a lot of work done at this time, because they days are long. In summer my self care relies on adventures, spending time with friends, and generally being a part of the world.



In autumn the days start getting shorter, and everything starts to wind down. At this time I give myself permission to do less work. I still enjoy the outdoors as much as possible, trying to catch the diminishing sun before the skies go grey. At this time the cooler weather allows more exercise, so I seem to get fitter. This is also a time of collecting and preparing for the cooler months. In autumn I tend to begin new habits or buy new things. This year I started a daily smoothie routine to help boost my energy levels.



In winter I accept my body wants to go into a hibernation. My energy levels are significantly reduced and my introversion really shines bright. The days are too short, the wind is too cold; I want to be in bed. Self care activities move indoors, mostly based around me being snuggled on the sofa with my cat, watching the rain and reading a book. I feel relieved when it rains, as I can limit my exercise, which I don’t care for in the winter months.



Spring is when I begin to wake up again. Much like autumn, this transitional season is a time of collecting and preparing, but this time for the energy and excitement of summer. At this point the days are getting longer and the sun is coming out and my energy levels start to rise. My exercise routine usually receives a boost at this time. Suddenly I want to be part of the world again. This is again a time for starting new habits that will benefit me in the hot months.


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  1. Interesting. I have just spent time in Tokyo where everyone is so aware of the seasons. (flowers, foods, etc.) Another seemingly small way to be in tune with yourself and the world but one that can have such an impact.

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  2. This is really interesting. I’ve noticed my seasons vary a bit differently, but they all involve pushing myself a lot. The college school year messes that up, along with working full time to pay for that. As a result I feel burnt out a lot, coupled with the need to catch up during breaks, not to mention trying to get a lot done when I have more free time.

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  3. The idea of being less ridgid – sounds bliss. It’s kind of like how I know that in winter it’s all about the hot chocolate and cosy clothes and that in the summer it’s eating ice cream and laying naked in bed ha-ha!

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  4. I’m very different. The summers here are hot, humid, and oppressive. I only enjoy spending time outside if I’m partially submerged. I spend more time inside to get away from the heat. As fall rolls in and mosquitoes roll out, I spend more time outside enjoying the cool weather and doing outdoor activities.

    I sometimes find the winter cold invigorating and energizing. I get more done around my apartment. Spring is when I start to come inside because my area is somewhat legendary for spring allergies. I’ve even known several pets to be affected. I have issues with grass pollen so I start spending more time inside.

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