Minimalism: Three Things I Bought in July

30 items of clothing, 8 pairs of shoes, 2 bags

This month I have decided to flip my Three Ways I’m Minimising series on its backside and to write about some things that I bought for a change. While minimalism is mostly about acquiring less, there are certain things that can be bought to help minimise your life clutter. I feel like these purchases have simplified my life in many ways.


1. Cutlery set. Full disclosure; buying more cutlery will not help you have less things in the long run. This purchase was inspired by dissatisfaction with my current cutlery set. The mismatched styles and shape of my big spoons, in particular, were really bothering me. Also, as my long term readers will know, everything I own is very muted and simple. This year I have wanted some interesting statement items to perk things up. I fell in love with a gold cutlery set. Now all my cutlery matches, and there is an exciting focal point to every meal. In addition, the set I bought has just four settings, which means that after donating my previous set, I have actually reduced the number of kitchen items I own. I got my set at my local Target store, but as many of you reside in the USA, below are a couple of links to some similar sets on Amazon.

2. External hard drive. Investing in data storage has reduced my stress levels when it comes to storing my photos and videos, and I don’t need to obsessively go through old files to make more space on my laptop. My old Macbook Air does not have a lot of storage, and making videos has become somewhat of a space challenge. I did have a very old external hard drive but I was worried it could explode and vaporise my precious unposted videos. I reluctantly decided it was time to be sensible and increase my storage capacity. I went with this WD 1TB drive. I have no attachment to the brand, truth be told I’ve never purchased anything from it before, but I did get this one because it was the best value I could find. Follow the image link below for more information about this hard drive.

3. Thermal merino tights. First, let me count the ways I love merino wool to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach. I know I do this a lot, but hear me out! Merino wool is soft, lightweight, and incredibly warm. Merino is easy to wear, easy to care for and excellent to travel with. If you live in the northern hemisphere and you do not own merino, I cannot comprehend how you are surviving winter. Half my sweaters are made of merino, and I decided my my bottom half needed the same kind of warm luxury. In Australia, we are heading into winter, and last year’s was an unusually long and cold one, which found me bored of my outfits and cold. I have definitely seen a growth in the amount of warmer items I own as a result. I am really trying to cut down my dependency on my heater this year, so warmer layers are a must. I recently talked about the fact that I no longer purchase sleepwear, and that I instead have combined my leisure and sleepwear categories. These tights can be worn everywhere from the street, through to the couch and to finally to bed, and that is exactly what I have been doing. I was unable to find a pair of 100% merino tights locally, but the image link below will take you to some that I would have purchased had I found them in time.

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  1. I like the post about purchasing! I think as minimalists or some combination of that lifestyle, we forget to share that purchases still need to be made, but they can be done in a way that honors the minimalist lifestyle. I just heard a fact today that here in America, the combined average household debt has reached into the trillions. That means that Americans spend $1.33 for every dollar they earn. Now more than ever posts about mindful consumption are needed. This was on the spot, thank you!

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  2. It has been a real pleasure to discover your blog 🙂 one aspect too your pictures, in minimalist style … in this post I do like the way you took differnt perspectives … and what talked to me was your description i of how your new cutlery set added value to your meals … or maybe it’s more you consciously realizing and appreciating it

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