Minimalist Makeup Collection and Routine

30 items of clothing, 8 pairs of shoes, 2 bags

Over the last few months I’ve had a few requests for a post about my makeup collection and routine. At first I was reluctant to do this, because I’m not really a ‘makeup person’. I don’t have any sort of expertise, and just the vaguest of interest. In the end though, I thought I’d give it a go, seeing as I speak freely about so many other aspects of my life. I figured my perspective might be helpful to someone out there.

Up until my late 20’s, I rarely wore makeup at all. Makeup was reserved for parties and other ‘special’ occasions. My values at this time told me to be as natural as I could. I didn’t really feel like I needed makeup. That changed after a prolonged blow to my self esteem later in life. After that, I began to relish the mask of being ‘pretty’, and makeup became a thing I did daily.

Unsurprisingly, over the last year and a half on the minimalist path, my makeup collection has been simplified once again.

Below is a list of all the makeup I own.

  • Almost Powder Makeup (05 Medium) by Clinique
  • Eyeshadow 1: Satin Taupe by MAC
  • Eyeshadow 2: 69 Black Star by Chanel
  • Liquid eyeliner: Exaggerate 100% Black by Rimmel
  • Mascara: Lashblast Fusion Very Black by Covergirl
  • Eyebrow pencil: Deep Dark Brunette by MAC
  • Blush 1: 104 Carefree Coral by Clinique
  • Blush 2: Pinch O’ Peach by MAC
  • Blush 3: Stubborn by MAC
  • Red lipstick 1: So Chaud by MAC, worn with Redd lip pencil by MAC
  • Red lipstick 2: Viva Glam by MAC, worn with Brick lip pencil by MAC
  • Red lipstick 3: Diva by MAC, worn with Burgundy lip pencil by MAC
  • Brushes: one for eyeshadow, one for blush

Screen Shot 2017-07-29 at 11.48.44 AMScreen Shot 2017-06-11 at 6.59.50 PM

The most significant change to my makeup routine over the last year has been cutting out powder makeup and blush on a daily basis. My current daily makeup routine is pretty simple. I wear powder makeup around my eyes, as a primer. I also apply a small amount of eyeshadow, mascara, and colour in my brows. I only really wear cover my face in powder makeup and blush if I am wearing lipstick. This typically only happens on the weekends, or when I am shooting a YouTube video or taking photos for this blog.

I use MAC lip products because of their inspiring range of colours and because they don’t wear off easily. All my lipsticks are very bold. I got rid of the natural shades because I rarely wore them. I have a matching lip pencil for each lipstick.


I have no attachment to brands when it comes to mascara, I literally buy whatever looks ‘good’ at the time. The one I’m currently using frustrates me because of the shape of the container. It’s a nightmare to travel with, and I’m definitely going to buy something with more streamlined packaging next time.

I’m about to throw out my liquid liner. I used to buy this product all the time and I had zero issues with it in the past. However, when I purchased it again recently I found the formula is very watery. It bleeds into my eye creases ( I didn’t even know I had any until I started using this stuff again!).


There are a three reasons I have cut down on my makeup routine over the last year.

The first reason is time and money. I can no longer be bothered dusting up my whole face every morning and then having to spend $50 every few months replacing products.

The second reason is that since I have been wearing foundation less, I have realised just how much I don’t like wearing it. In the summer, the humidity causes the powder to become a shiny greasy looking layer. In cooler months, the powder stays dry and seems to make its way into creases in my face, thus emphasising these areas I barely even notice when I’m not wearing makeup.

The third, and most important reason, is a rebellion against wearing the mask every day. For a few years I got used to wearing make up any time I left the house. This resulted in feeling ‘naked’ or ‘exposed’ when I didn’t. I have really wanted to challenge that feeling, and learn to feel confident without any war paint. This was definitely difficult at first, but it has really gotten a lot easier with time. Despite what society tells us, we don’t need makeup to be pretty or professional looking, ladies!


Below is a video in which I talk about all this stuff in more detail. Check out my YouTube channel for more videos, my Instagram account for daily outfits, and my Facebook account for minimalist resources and updates. I also recently started a Patreon account where for a small donation you can view additional content!




  1. Great Post! In my early twenties I started collecting a lot of make up items too and with it I also had a huge pile of skin care products. I agree that we tend to buy more products when we attach our self esteem to our looks. I now have a very minimal make up and skin care collection and I am so proud of it 🙂

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  2. I have also been pairing down my make up – right now I’m looking for a CC cream (maybe Clinique?) to replace my foundation – as you say it’s too heavy! Some great make up recommends though thank you 🙂
    I am the same with mascara – the last one I got was a l’oreal one (purple and gold I think?) and it’s been great.
    It took a really long time to get used to but sometimes I go without any makeup, or just a little eye pencil! My colleagues are very laid back so that helps 🙂

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  3. Great Post. I too have a bag about this size. Kicker is I just spent 16 hours, 4 cancelled flights getting to a work site that usually takes 2 hours. Luggage decided to stop somewhere along the way so I am without anything but work my electronics and a new toothbrush. Needless to say, I may even beat you on the minimal make up this week!-Laurel

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  4. I love the idea of make up but I just don’t like it on me. I’d love to be one of those women who really take the time to create a full face of make up but I don’t have the patience for it nor am I careful with touching my face. I even decided to get my eyebrows micro-feathered because I was rubbing off the powder/gel all the time without really noticing.

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  5. I’m not much of a makeup person but I do love lipstick above anything. Over the last 10 years I went from no makeup to 3 lipsticks to 50 lipsticks and now down to 20. I lo longer need all of the lipsticks and when I finish one, unless it’s one of the amazing ones or a colour I can’t find easily, I don’t need to buy it again so I can reduce my consumption

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  6. You wear bold colors so well! I’ve decreased my make-up collection over the last year and have found that I ended up increasing my skincare. I cringed when I noticed this, but I’ve been very frugal with how much I’d spend on the products. Nothing beats my Trader Joe’s $4 moisturizer! Having a simple make-up routine, but knowing what works for you on ‘special occasions’, makes getting ready easy and quick.

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  7. Love this! My daily routine is sunscreen/moisturizer (desert climate) and mascara only (my eyelashes are blond-invisible without it), My mother never wore much so I never ‘learned’ makeup, so to speak. I always admire lipstick on others, but I can’t find a red lipstick that suites me, and am self conscious about a crooked front tooth that all my lipstick ends up on. All the rest is a for special occasions only and I keep throwing more of it away each time I sort through it.

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