10×10 Wardrobe Challenge

30 items of clothing, 8 pairs of shoes, 2 bags

In July I started a six month shopping fast. Last week I posted five tips to stay focused on a shopping fast. One of the key points was to find a way to appreciate the clothing you already own. Enter the 10 x 10 Wardrobe Challenge.

The 10 x 10 Wardrobe Challenge is an exercise created by blogger Style Bee to help people get more creative with their wardrobes. The rules are to pick ten items from your wardrobe and wear them for ten days. In doing this, you are encouraged to test the limits of each of those ten items.

I have created a number of posts and videos documenting outfits in my small wardrobe. I have usually worked with a range of 15 – 20 items within periods of two to three weeks. I knew that if it was so easy to make so many outfits from 15 – 20 items, it cannot possibly be much harder to do this with an even smaller range.

I think nobody will disagree that I am not especially experimental when it comes to my monotone wardrobe, but this exercise did force me to wear my clothing in ways I might not typically. Below are the ten items I chose.

  1. Black slip dress
  2. Grey shirt dress
  3. Grey sweater
  4. Charcoal long sweater
  5. Leather jacket
  6. Black jeans
  7. Grey skirt
  8. Black tights
  9. Black flats
  10. Black loafers


The Outfits

Day 1


Day 2


Day 3


Day 4


Day 5


Day 6


Day 7


Day 8


Day 9


Day 10


Unless you are open to the possibilities of individual items, it is quite easy to get bored during this challenge. My biggest tip for undertaking it is to wear individual items in ways you normally would not. I found ways of altering the original style or cut of the items with non-permanent means, by using pins, tying things or tucking them in.

Below is a video which goes into more detail with my experience of the 10 x 10 Wardrobe Challenge. Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more videos. I documented this whole process on Instagram account, follow me there for more outfit posts. Follow my Facebook account for minimalist resources and updates. I also have a Patreon account where for a small donation you can view additional content. Enjoy!




  1. Having recently returned to the dating world, and needing to date on a divorced budget, I found this really helpful! I’d need to tweak the items for a woman in her fifties, but your post got the wheels turning!

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  2. I have four dresses, one jersey, one cardigan, one coat, two pairs of shoes, and a pair of boots – but if we’re including hats, socks, slips and slippers I’m out. Otherwise this is pretty much how I’ve been dressing all winter – although definitely not with so much mix and match as you!
    Side note: your tea cup is wonderful.

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