Minimalism and Cooking

30 items of clothing, 8 pairs of shoes, 2 bags

Earlier in the year I wrote about how I’d been minimising my food shopping routine. At the time I was mostly buying fresh fruit and vegetables for salads, while getting the more substantial parts of my meals from outside sources.

Well, what a difference the winter has made! For the last few months I have been preparing a significant portion of my meals at home, and right now I rarely eat out.

There are a couple reasons for this. The first is financial. I am trying to be frugal, as a house move is imminent at this point in time. I am cutting corners wherever I can. I’m on a wardrobe shopping fast, but my next most frivolous expense had been dining out.

The second reason is that I have once again found comfort in cooking. For many years I lost my desire to cook, but the creativity has returned and I am rediscovering the pleasure of a fresh meal made from scratch.

Though my routine has changed, I am still applying basic minimalist principles to my food shopping. I am doing this by trying to narrow the range of ingredients I purchase. With a good shopping list I am able to curate some simple but filling meals which do not require specialised ingredients. I really want to minimise the number of bottles and containers I store in my fridge and pantry.

This means that I have a narrow selection of ingredients for ‘flavouring’. At this time I have just olive oil, garlic and sea salt for flavour. I do not own any other spices, oils or sauces. If I need to add flavour to something, it is a combination of those ingredients I use.

I am also purchasing a narrow variety of food. I get ingredients that can be eaten with different meals and used within the expiry date. A good example is spinach. I use it in smoothies, salads and hot meals.


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  1. Do you read minimalist baker? She’s my favorite source of recipes. All her recipes require 10 ingredients/1 bowl/30 mins or less. Me and my girlfriend batch cook two big recipes on the weekend and eat all week, plus I use my bread machine to make bread for breakfast daily.

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  2. Hi! I recently found your youtube, blog and instagram. I enjoyed reading your posts and seeing your videos as I am on my own minimalist journey. I feel the same way about cooking. Less ingredients, more simplicity. The only extra spices I use are cinnamon, turmeric, cumin and corriander… and sometimes herbs de provence. Thanks for sharing that you are feeling more inspired to cook. I need some of that inspiration as we head to winter here in Italy!

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  3. This is super motivational! I started doing the same thing about 2 years ago, and I cannot express to you how much better I feel. I know it gets tiring listing to people talk about how their food habits changed their lives, until you really do it. Just the matter of fact of how the food is prepared and you know where the ingredients came from, makes such a difference.

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  4. I know I already commented but this post is really dear to my heart. I just completed an Insta Cart grocery delivery order that will arrive in 2 hours. I have been using this service only for 2 weeks but see that it is going to be an asset for minimal cooking. Buy what we need on the day in the mood to cook. Add in essential ready to be replaced. Even with the small delivery/membership I know I will save $ by not buying food that goes uneaten. Thanks again for sharing. Really like the diversity of your topics.

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  5. I find it so satisfying to have very few bottles and extras in my fridge. Each week I buy only what I need for the week and I love eating it empty by Saturday. So satusfying!

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