Wardrobe Declutter and Clear Out

30 items of clothing, 8 pairs of shoes, 2 bags  

This post is a rare insight into my decluttering process. I often don’t have the patience to keep things I’m getting rid of just for the purpose of a video or blog post. I have not been wearing some of these items for a long time, so their removal from my life is well overdue.

This is the process I have found easiest for decluttering any area of my home.

  1. Work in categories.
  2. Place all items in a category somewhere visible.
  3. Examine each item, and place it in one of three piles: ‘keep’, ‘discard’, ‘maybe’.
  4. Return ‘keep’ items to their home, sell or donate ‘discard’ items, and place ‘maybe’ items in storage.

These are the items I have removed from my wardrobe.

Collared shirts

I’ve realised I do not enjoy wearing structured shirts at all. I find them uncomfortable. The preppy look is not for me. I enjoy flowing layers much more, and have enough of these now to warrant me getting rid of those shirts.


Tight pants

I cannot wear tight pants anymore. I simply do not feel comfortable. Earlier in the year I purchased some pants with relaxed silhouettes and it’s time to say goodbye to the figure hugging type.



Vintage kimono

I love this 90’s kimono, but it is too large on me. In addition, it does not offer a lot of warmth for the cooler months. While I’ve had it for years, it is time to acknowledge it rarely gets worn.


The video below covers all of this in far more detail. Check out my YouTube channel for new minimalist videos every week, my Instagram account for daily outfits, and my Facebook account for minimalist resources and updates. I also have a Patreon account where for a small donation you can view additional content.



  1. I’m with you on the structured shirts. I hate the way the collar looks on me. Plus, I NEVER iron. I have an iron and an ironing board taking up space our small storage closet. i haven’t used it since attaching iron-on name labels to my daughter’s stuff a couple years ago. Although my husband wears classic button shirts, he’s a painter and fortunately doesn’t care about being wrinkled! I think it’s time for me to let go of the iron and ironing board.

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  2. You are a smart gal and so honest with yourself. These choices that are “out” are in great shape, appealing in the photos, yet you know what works for you and what you will wear. Bravo! We strive to help clients approach home decor in the same way. Comfort and function choices can be incorporated into good design. The Perfect LBD for Everyone!

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  3. The categories approach makes a lot of sense. The same method works well with paperwork. These 3 simple categories are useful when you are “going paperless”:
    1. Scan
    2. Shred
    3. Recycle.
    The “somewhere visible” that I use for sorting is a good-sized, fold-up table (2.5′ x 6′). An event table is ideal. Just fold it up and put it away when you’re done.

    P.S. Too bad about the kimono. You’re very disciplined.

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