Three Ways I’m Minimising in August

30 items of clothing, 8 pairs of shoes, 2 bags

I am in the process of moving house. Through the magic of my preparedness, you will still be seeing images and footage of my old home for the next few weeks to come. I shot the content in advance, as I want to be able to focus on the ordeal of moving house. I will talk more about the move in a few weeks. In the meantime, here is how I am preparing.


1. Selling furniture

Some of you will be upset to know I’m planning on selling some of my furniture, specifically my antique cabinet and dining set. I was not originally planning to do this, but as I’ve spent time at the new place, it has occurred to me that the space is smaller, and I don’t want it to feel crowded. In addition, I’m having a lot of ideas about how I want my life to look over the next couple of years, and I feel like a concrete dining table is a literal weight I don’t want to be carrying around. My replacement furnishing budget is frugal. I am planning to purchase a second hand table, and chairs from an unnamed low price retailer. The new dining set will cost a fraction of the other one, and I will have no issue passing it on shall I decide I do not need it. There will be no replacement for the antique cabinet, as it is barely used at the moment.


2. Resolving ‘maybe’ piles

Last week I posted a video about my clothing declutter, and one about my jewelry declutter a while back. I have had to make decisions about those things in ‘maybe piles’. Items I decided to discard have now been sold or donated, and a small fraction have remained with me. I really want as few things as possible to worry about when I move.

3. Decluttering everything else

As I am packing, I am going through each category of things I own, and getting rid of anything I consider to be ‘excess’. This has meant any items that get very little use, or are really old and worn out. If I decide to replace any of these items, I will wait until after I have settled in the new place.


I hope you enjoyed this post. Check out my YouTube channel for new minimalist videos every week, my Instagram account for daily outfits, and my Facebook account for minimalist resources and updates. I also have a Patreon account where for a small donation you can view additional content. I just posted something fun there today!



  1. Beautiful! I’ve found second-hand furniture to be a very practical choice: you pay less for the degree of quality, and there’s less of a mental ‘investment’ in the item. Plus it often has more character from its previous life 🙂

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  2. The cabinet? AMAZING! I understand getting rid of stuff but I have to say I couldn’t let that beauty go 😛
    I need to do another clear out of my wardrobe, for sure. I haven’t bought anymore clothes but feel like my wardrobe is expanding again?
    Anywhoooo good luck with the move and downsize! I hardly own any furniture and I love having the space instead!

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  3. They are two beautiful pieces of furniture. I’m sure they will find good homes. Although a concrete table is a wonderful design piece, I understand what you mean about weighted down. I love looking at used/antique furniture. 🙂

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  4. You are so wise to do this before you move, instead of schlepping it all to your new home and discovering that it either won’t fit or makes the place look cluttered. I’ll bet you feel as light as air right now 🙂


  5. Good luck with your packing and with your move! Decluttering is such a great feeling, especially with large items. (I’m sad about your antique cabinet, as it’s GORGEOUS, but I understand letting it go. I hope it finds another great home.)

    Best wishes,
    Kaiya xx

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  6. Moving is what put me on the path to Minimalism in the first place, and I found myself making decisions about getting rid of items that I never would have before I considered my home in a new light. Nothing gets ranked above happiness and sometimes what brings joy is simply having negative space. I’m looking forward to your post-move articles!

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  7. You already know I love your blog and approach to a well-lived intentional/minimal life. What you don’t know is that I’ve been invoking your philosophy. I’ve decided I’ve had enough of the desert southwest US and am moving back to Washington, DC as soon as my house sells. That means I am going from 2,600 square feet of house with a huge yard and into about 700 square feet or urban living. I’m already rather minimal (not as much as you) and streamlining has been easy but it is still a monumental effort to make decisions on what to keep. So far, clothes, computers/tablets/cameras, Granny’s china, and the dog are definitely going. I will be continuing to blog stalk you for tips and motivation. Cheers!

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  8. I love your furniture! The fur rug is so beautiful! I’m moving into a new place in the winter and am so excited to begin furnishing it. I sold everything I had except for my clothes, makeup, and jewelry so it’ll be really exciting to begin the furnishing and decorating from scratch. I wish I could buy all this furniture from you!

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  9. When you did your home tour months ago I was wondering when you would decide to let the cabinet go, you made a great choice by purging it! Also it’s always a fantastic idea to be frugal and purchase from no-name sellers. Great post, as always.


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