Ten Minimalist Hacks To Save You Money

30 items of clothing, 8 pairs of shoes, 2 bags

As I mentioned recently, I am getting frugal. Australia is an expensive place to live. While my income has grown over the last five years, it seems my expenses have grown exponentially! Things that I never even knew or cared about a decade ago are monthly realities now.

My goal is to reduce my expenses so I can save money to allow myself more freedom. Today I want to talk about some of the changes I have made to help me with this.


Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 5.49.03 PM

Many of my strategies for saving money have tied in with my endeavours in minimalism.

I have spoken a number of times about finding ways to minimise my weekly purchases at the supermarket, and what I have to say is that planning ahead and having a shopping list is a must. Do not underestimate the power of a shopping list. A shopping list means you have already made the hard decisions at home, and you have a kind of guidebook to keep you focused.

Any time I think about buying anything, I think about how I am going to use that thing. Purchasing items which can be used for a number of different purposes is one of the easiest way to both downsize your home and save you money. Specialised items create excess clutter and don’t often get used. This applies to perishables and non perishables.

I have been reconsidering where and whom I purchase from. Buying secondhand is an excellent way to both save you money, and help the environment by reducing waste. We lose so much value when we purchase items brand new – you will never get that money back!

I have also been looking at the bigger financial picture; bills. Bills are a reality and we get used to paying them, so it’s smart to consciously examine what you are paying for. Consider changing bill providers and payment options to reduce your monthly outgoings. In terms of your energy bill, there is a lot you can do to lower your usage, and this handy Synergy guide covers the range of ways you can cut down on electricity use!

I hope you enjoyed this post. Below is a video that goes into more detail. Check out my YouTube channel for new minimalist videos every week, my Instagram account for daily outfits, and my Facebook account for minimalist resources and updates. I also have a Patreon account where for a small donation you can view additional content.



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