Why You Should Buy Second Hand

30 items of clothing, 8 pairs of shoes, 2 bags

Second hand is not a dirty word anymore. The connotations of buying something used, old, worn out and dirty no longer apply!

Over the last six months I have been reconsidering my shopping habits. While I still believe in buying good quality items, I feel that it is possible to get these secondhand. I have purchased preloved furniture, appliances and clothing, and I am pleased with what I have acquired.

Why should you consider buying second hand?


1. Excellent value. When you purchase something new, whether it be a car, appliance, or a new t-shirt, you instantly lose value on that purchase, meaning you will most likely not be able to sell it for the same money that you paid for it.

2. Reduce waste. Buy purchasing pre-owned goods, you are essentially recycling, keeping items out of landfill. In making the choice to buy secondhand, you also avoid purchasing from companies whose practices may not be sustainable or ethical.

3. Easy to find. There are so many ways to purchase secondhand items, both in the real world and online. You may even have the option of returning items, which reduces the risk of getting something that does not do what it’s supposed to. 

4. Good quality. People discard items at alarming rates these days, so it’s easy to find high quality items for a fraction of the price. These days secondhand and quality can go hand in hand. It is possible to buy second hand items that are new or in excellent ‘as new’ condition.

5. Buyer’s remorse. If you purchase something you’re not sure about, and you get it for a fraction of the price, you feel a lot less hesitation about reselling it or giving it away if you decide it doesn’t suit you.



I hope you enjoyed this post. Below is a video on the topic. Check out my YouTube channel for new minimalist videos every week, my Instagram account for outfits, and my Facebook account for minimalist resources and updates. I also have a Patreon account where for a small donation you can view additional content.



  1. So many of my very best finds, including designer items I would never have paid full price for, are available at consignment shops. We have a formal event coming up and my dress was $27! Plus the gal asked me to reconsign it when I am done because she knows I could get at least 50% back. I also like this method of shopping for jeans. So many stretch out after washing and with a preowned all that is done for me! Great post!

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  2. I wanted to let you know that you have given me inspiration to do a capsule wardrobe. I’m currently a college student majoring in fashion merchandising, but I want to go an unconventional route in the fashion industry. My goal is to start my own business or brand centered around sustainability and eco-fashion. So far, I’m loving my capsule wardrobe experience! Thank you so much!

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  3. Definitely agree. We bought our PS3 second hand, with lots of games in it, and sold it a year after for a similar price. We also got an excellent espresso machine and a spinbike (though I’m trying to convince my husband he needs to sell it) second-hand. Leather bags are also a great option as opposed to brand new, and I love the worn-out look.
    I also support free cycle and cycled lots of books/watched etc.

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  4. I remember feeling embarrassed as a young girl when my mom would take us to 2nd hand stores. Now I look back and think how ridiculous and shallow I was being. I love reason #2. I hate clutter in every way, clutter in my closet, my house, the earth 🌏I love the idea that, if I need to buy something, I’m actually creating less clutter and less waste.

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  5. I buy my clothes and my son’s clothes secondhand. There have been MANY times when I’ve found complete outfits, brand new with original tags still on, for more than 50% off the original price! There is also something exciting shopping secondhand… kind of like a game to see what you can find and how much you can save in the process. Great post!

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  6. Thrift stores are replete with vintage clothing, particularly easy to spot if you keep an eye out for quality fabrics. Checking the labels in these decades-old pieces more often than not reveals that they were union-made in the USA. High quality, non sweatshop, not intended to be fast-fashion throw-ways. All to the good!

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  7. I love this. I recently moved to an area with a ton of awesome thrift stores…. I make out with amazing finds, designer brands and always send my friends to my favorite shop. I can barely buy clothes anymore without checking my thrift store first!!

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  8. Hello! Glad to see that you liked my blog post about Sapporo 🙂 I had just been reading a book about minimalism in Japan and getting quite inspired so it’s great to see your posts 🙂 Good luck with your minimising journey- I can attest that it only makes every day more pleasurable!! 😀

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  9. Hi, I’m glad I found you again, or maybe you found me by visiting my new blog! Since divorcing over one year ago, I’ve continued my journey of keeping my apartment minimalist. It’s awesome. Love that photo, no idea where it’s at. 😎

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  10. I love second-hand shopping, but I’m finding it harder and harder to find good-quality women’s clothing. So much of what’s available these days is shoddily made from low-quality materials. There still seems to be great stuff available for guys, though!

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      1. Indeed – although I’m so picky about my clothes (cut, colour, fibre etc) that it is seldom that I find something that works for me. I’m planning to learn how to sew my own clothes, and then I can have exactly what I want!

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      2. Yeah, I think that was why I got sick of secondhand stuff in the first place. Now that I’m really happy with my basics, it’s just interesting statement pieces that I want, so secondhand is perfect for that!


  11. Love it! I just moved onto my mission of only buying second-hand + practicing sustainable fashion a few weeks ago & am documenting my journey on my insta: @thriftthetrend!

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  12. I’d like to buy secondhand more than I do, but it’ hard to do so in my small University town, as there’s a HUGE amount of competition for the good stuff from all the students! I still manage to pick stuff up, but mainly its jewelry, which I donate back once I’m done with it 🙂

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  13. Second hand.
    Its not second place, second fiddle, or second best.
    We should not even second guess this way of purchasing.
    We are TOLD (SOLD )t by media, ads and the (dreaded “TV” ).
    Excellent thoughts as usual on this blog

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  14. I agree with you wholeheartedly. I wrote a post called stuff. I would add a point to your post. Secondhand stuff is often unique. Stores selling new items offer 10 of a particular kind of item. Thrift shops offer things that people may have been holding onto for awhile. I’ve bought some things I absolutely love that no one else can find anywhere. I love what you’re doing. Keep doing it and writing about it. You’re inspiring! 🙂

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  15. I agree whole heartedly with your post. I only have one thing…it is so freaking hard to find Plus Size 2nd hand clothing. A friend of mine, who is also Plus Size, said the reason it’s hard to find clothes in our size (anything above a size 12) is because its so hard to find new clothes in our size to begin with so we tend to hoard our clothes and not give anything away LOL

    I agree with her. It’s been a sad day when I have had to give up some of my better clothes (either the fit just wasn’t right or too small/too big). Oh well.

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