My Minimalist Morning Routine | Simple and Calm

30 items of clothing, 8 pairs of shoes, 2 bags

In the real world I work a full time job. My job can be challenging and stressful, and at times I resent it. Shhh, don’t tell anyone.

A good start to my day is imperative for my wellbeing. Over the last few years I have created a morning routine which sets me up for a positive attitude, and genuinely makes it easier to handle whatever the world throws at me.

Having a morning routine is not in itself ‘minimalist’. I consider mine a minimalist routine because it has become more and more catered to what is important to me. I have reduced activities that don’t serve me, and increased the ones that do!

I have previously posted about my morning routine, but I did get some requests for a video on the topic, so I decided to readdress it.


The purpose of my morning routine is give myself ‘me’ time. ‘Me’ time is important. It centres and calms me. It energises me and allows me to focus on my job when I’m at work. More importantly, it inspires me and reminds me there is more to life then work.

Most of my routine has evolved around fifteen minutes of meditation and half an hour of reading. Having this time at the start of the day helps me feel in control of my day. I choose to spend my morning in a way that pleases me, and as a result most days I arrive at work relaxed and calm.

If your morning routine does not inspire you, change it. I guarantee that giving yourself more ownership of your morning is going to be a great start to your day.

Below is my video discussing the details of my morning routine.

I have posted a bonus video and tips for creating a morning routine on my Patreon account, where for a small donation you can view additional content.

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I hope you enjoyed this post!



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