Two Weeks of Minimalist Transeasonal Outfits + Mini Wardrobe Tour

30 items of clothing, 8 pairs of shoes, 2 bags

I recently recorded my outfits for two weeks. As it is spring in Australia, and autumn in the northern hemisphere, I will call these ‘transeasonal’ outfits. Lucky for me, I managed to complete this challenge before the heatwave this week! We are definitely experiencing an early summer at the moment!

I wore these items to work, though I understand most people may not be able to dress so casually for their jobs. It’s quite interesting to note that when I first minimised my wardrobe, what remained was quite professional in style. You will notice that I am now spending far less time in structured tops, short skirts and modest shoes. With me reconsidering what I actually want to do with my future, my look is becoming far more relaxed, focusing on longer layers and flowing silhouettes.

I finally feel like I have some ‘statement’ pieces in my wardrobe! Earlier in the year I bemoaned my inability to purchase items of colour and pattern, but I have finally succeeded in this department. I am slowly moving away from only neutrals, and toward more colours and patterns. Hurray for all those people who complained my looks were boring!

Layering has really grown on me this past winter. I have been experimenting with different hem lengths and silhouettes, and I have been having a lot of fun doing it. You will see a lot of this in the looks below.

Below is a list of the twelve items I wore over the period of two weeks. These have been my favourite items to wear over recent months.

  1. Sandals. I’ve had these old favourites for a few years now, and I still love them. They have a very simple utilitarian design composed of thick straps, which I find pleasing.
  2. Boots. To be honest I wasn’t so sure about these boots when I got them to replace my old ones earlier this year, but they make a lot of sense in the context of longer layers. The height of the heel and tapered toe really work perfectly for me now.
  3. Tights. Black tights are a godsend when the weather is cooler than you expect.
  4. Sheer top. I bought this sheer viscose top from a local boutique last summer and it has proven to be an excellent addition to the wardrobe.
  5. White topI have had this top for a long time, and I’m sure I’ve already mentioned that it nearly got the cut during one of my culls. I’m so glad I kept it! It’s a perfect transitional piece between ‘professional neutral’ and ‘mildly bohemian’. It’s loose, which is how I like all my tops, and the low hem covers my derriere.
  6. Leather jacket. I bought this jacket over a year ago now, and even though it’s by far the most expensive item I own, it gets regular wear. I get even more wearability from it since I had the sleeves altered earlier this year. I always roll up my sleeves, so a cropped style is for me.
  7. Black slip dress. This new old favourite continues to pay for itself. I wear it a few times a week, and being so simple, it gets used in a number of different ways. I think this slip dress is the number one most versatile item I own!
  8. Tie dye midi dress. I bought this Lacausa item secondhand, for a lot less than it would have cost originally. As I bought it online, I didn’t have the opportunity to try it on. This has resulted in a dress that is perhaps not as flattering as I’d like, however, an excellent layering piece, adding a small amount of colour to an otherwise simple wardrobe.
  9. Floral wrap dress. This is my most recent purchase, from the end of June. I’m glad I had the insight to grab it, despite having bought all the items off my shopping list at that point. It is locally made and satisfies my craving for pattern.
  10. Grey shirt dress. This is another item I purchased earlier in the year, and another excellent versatile piece. Let’s call this item my second most versatile piece! I wear it all the time, in a number of different ways. I think the fact that it is sheer really helps, as it would appear a lot heavier layered over other items if it wasn’t.
  11. Upcycled pants. No! I did not buy anything new! I upcycled my grey midi skirt. If you’d like to attempt to make your own pair, a DIY is available to Patreon subscribers.
  12. Upcycled kimono. I made this kimono style jacket from my favourite old pashmina! DIY available to Patreon subscribers.

Below are the ten outfits I wore over two weeks.


Day 1


Day 2


Day 3


Day 4


Day 5


Day 6


Day 7


Day 8


Day 9


Day 10


I hope you enjoyed this post! Below is a video discussing this in more detail. Check out my YouTube channel for new minimalist videos every week. Follow me on Instagram, where I record my minimalist outfits. Check me out on Facebook for resources and updates. I also have a Patreon account, where for a small donation you can view additional content, such as the DIYs for the two upcycled items mentioned in this post!



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