Why I Became a Minimalist: My Not So Dramatic Personal Story

Happy New Year!

No minimalist goal setting content from me this year. My goal for 2018 so far is to remember how to relax again. In that sentiment, today I provide you with the laid back tale of how I got into this ‘minimalism’ of mine.

I don’t have a melodramatic ‘hoarder to minimalist’ story for you. My move into minimalism was far more subtle. I started minimising in January 2016. It all began with a traumatising house move.

Sit back and enjoy!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your story! I can definitely relate to that feeling of entering other people’s houses and feeling overwhelmed by all the stuff covering every surface. I’ve had a similar experience with minimising after a house moving experience. After one particular move, I remember thinking that I was actually just moving my things around in the boxes without even unpacking them. It felt like a lot of my possessions were in movable storage and weren’t bringing any value to my life; that’s when I realised I had to take action.

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  2. Your sleeping kitty is adorable- my kitter mostly burrows under blankets to sleep so I only see the puppers do the sleep running/twitching thing!

    Two out three of my last moves were also ‘not so dramatic’ but traumatic moves. And my family are all not technically hoarders but have so much stuff! I own far far less than most people, but family involvement/donations/hand-downs, two cross country moves to new jobs with 2 yowling pets, and winter weather have made it incredibly stressful! Just reducing my only my own stuff since the last move 2 years ago is making noticeable open space in the apartment. We will never be minimal- between me not being a ‘real minimalist’ (backpacking/running, casual, and formal clothing is well over 150+ items, +work travel my climate ranges from -25 to +45C=layers!) and the hub never wants to get rid of anything ever (I’m trying the lead by example approach to letting go…) but we just renewed our lease for 1 more year and I am hoping for a much easier move the next round based on how much we have already reduced!

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