A Small Wardrobe Shop Officially Live

Yes! I have finally opened my online shop! The Small Wardrobe shop is now officially live!

The shop has been a culmination of six months of work. I have spent that time sourcing high quality second hand items, cleaning them up, upcycling, photographing, modeling and writing about them.


Some items are exactly as their original designers intended, others have been upcycled and given a contemporary perspective. I have made sure that items in the shop are highly versatile and wearable, and that they work well together.

My goal is to create a sustainable fashion shop that gives fresh life to high quality recycled items. Items are made of predominantly of silk and wool, beautiful resilient and comfortable fibres that will last the distance. If you love the idea of second hand shopping, but you cannot be bothered hunting for the perfect item, I have done the work for you!

If you look at the navigation bar of my site, you will see a ‘shop’ link. If you go in there, you will find my shop.

At this point, I have a small number of items in the store. Some have already been purchased by Patreons, who receive many benefits, including additional content weekly, discount at the Small Wardrobe shop and early access to content.

To be honest, the plans for my shop have been limited by the WordPress plan I’m on. While I imagined a proper shop with categories, and postage, and all sorts of other luxuries, setting that up would have cost me money I don’t have. Unfortunately because of this, the format of the shop is not amazing, I can’t offer discount codes, and I’ve had to build postage into the price of each item.

I have spent a surprising amount of time preparing these items for sale, and I need to see how this batch goes before I make any changes to the set up. If I find the shop is successful, I will begin collecting more items for a second batch of sales later in the year, and this time I will invest in the WordPress business plan so my lil’ shop acts like a traditional online shop.

In saying that, I am very happy with what I have achieved. I am a big believer that it is important to pursue a goal to its completion. The success of it is almost irrelevant. Either way, I am happy that I have brought my vision to life.

Each individual item is unique, and I plan to tell its story. Layering and versatility are really important parts of the story. The items in the shop loosely fit into the categories below.

  1. Light layer – transeasonal items made of lightweight fibers such as silk. These items can be cinched at the waist, tucked in or not, worn as a top or a dress. Some are classic and simple, while others feature a print .
  2. Insulative layer – lightweight form fitting knits for insulation. These are mostly made from merino wool, and are lovely enough to be worn on their own.
  3. Light outerwear – lightweight silk layers that have the function of a jacket, mostly intended for warmer months, but can be worn with warmer insulative layers in cooler months. These come in interesting colours and patterns and are considered unique statement pieces.
  4. Warm layer – heavier knits made from different types of wool, including pure wool and cashmere. These often have a low neckline and longer hem to help with their versatility.

Thank you for your time and your patience. Please enjoy SHOP.



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