Versatile Capsule Wardrobe Basics For Beginners

Today I want to talk about how I select items for my minimalist wardrobe these days.

Before we do that though, a big congratulations to my upcycled kimono jacket giveaway winner D. Ellis! I hope you love this item as much as I do! ❤

Also, a couple days ago I posted my first ever vlog. If you’ve ever wondered what I do on all those road trips in the South West, this two part series will give you an idea.

Layering and versatility are really important parts of the small wardrobe story. This year I’ve had a different approach to building my wardrobe. Instead of seeking out individual tops and bottoms, I have worked in layers.

The items in my wardrobe (and in my shop) loosely fit into the categories below.

1. Light layers – transeasonal items made of lightweight fibres. These items can be cinched at the waist, tucked in or not, worn as a top or a dress. Some are classic and simple, while others feature a subtle print or interesting design detail.



2. Insulative layers – lightweight form fitting knits for insulation. These are mostly made from merino wool, and are lovely enough to be worn on their own.


3. Warm layers – heavier knits made from different types of wool, including pure wool and cashmere. These often have a low neckline and longer hem for versatility.


Below you can see how a capsule wardrobe can begin to come together with these particular types of items. With just the six items above, a style narrative is starting to emerge. Add a couple more basic pieces, such as denim, tights or a neutral skirt, and a variety of looks are created.


If you enjoy the items above, you will be pleased to know that most of these items are still available in my shop.

Below is my video about versatile basics for a capsule wardrobe. Check out my YouTube channel for new videos about minimalism every week. Follow me on Instagram, where I record my minimalist outfits. Check me out on Facebook for resources and updates. I also have a Patreon account, where I post additional content weekly. Patreon subscribers receive a number of benefits, including additional weekly content, early access, and discount in the Small Wardrobe shop.



      1. My washer does not have a “wool” cycle. Would this be like a “delicate” cycle? Do you wash in a mesh bag to protect the clothing? When I have put wool in the washer, it has shrunk. Yes, I thing laundering would be a good topic for the Q & A.

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    1. Well me personally, I like colours that remind me of grey, mid tone block colours. I have light brown hair so khaki, mid blue and blush seem to be pretty good on me. Do you want me to put this question in a Q&A video?

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