25 Items of Clothing | My Whole Wardrobe

In May I am returning to what this blog is all about, my wardrobe! This month I will be bringing you tours and discussions about my whole wardrobe, including clothing, shoes and bags. I will also be posting about my wardrobe choices, how I feel about individual items, and how I use them.

This week I am finally presenting you with my updated clothing tour video. I guess it is time to update my taglines, because the new official count of my wardrobe is 25 items of clothing, 4 pairs of shoes and 2 bags.


This video has been coming for a long time, and boy, have I had a lot of people asking for it! Strangely, I was originally planning on waiting a few more months before I made it. The reason for that is that there are still a few items I’m not sure I want to keep. In the last week, however, I decided to take my own advice and go ahead and make the video with the knowledge that a wardrobe is never really ‘perfect’ or ‘complete’.

Often when I make a video like this, people begin to ask about the brands of the items I own. I was considering adding the brand subtitles to the video to avoid these kinds of questions, but I decided not to do so in the end. I have owned some of these items for years, and some come from fast fashion sources. The last thing I want to do is to promote these. Next weekend I will post a detailed account of each item on my blog, where I will include such information. I will post the link in any wardrobe tour related videos I make to avoid explanations for those who are interested. I know that a lot fewer people read my blog than watch my videos, so I’m happy with this less obvious exposure for those brands that I no longer support.

The last time I let you into my wardrobe was when I first started my YouTube channel in January 2017. A lot has changed since then.

When I first started A Small Wardrobe, most of my clothing was white, grey and black. As I slowly downsized from a wardrobe of 150 to 40 items, I was only left with tonal items.


I started off this blog with a tonal palette as a reaction against the clutter I had experienced in my life before that period in my life. When I finally got rid of all my excess stuff, the tonal wardrobe really represented how effortless and free my minimalist wardrobe made me feel. I really wanted to keep things as simple as possible back then.

With time, however, I started to get bored with all white, grey and black. I began to crave a little more drama in my outfits. This is when colour and pattern began to make its way back into my wardrobe, about a year ago now.


Next week I will post a follow up video where I will discuss how I use my wardrobe and what I like and dislike about it. That video and post will go into a lot more detail about my wardrobe.

As I mentioned in my last post, I am taking part in the Common Threads – Woven through Community event in Western Australia over May and June. If you’ve ever wanted to meet me in person, you can! The event is about ‘Integrating sustainability, creativity, and traditional hand-crafted wisdom’. I will be doing some presentations on my take on sustainability, from a minimalist point of view. Check out the event website for more details! Here is a direct link to one of my events.

Check out my YouTube channel for new videos about minimalism every week. Follow me on Instagram, where I record my minimalist outfits. Check me out on Facebook for resources and updates. I also have a Patreon account, where I post additional content weekly. Patreon subscribers receive a number of benefits, including additional weekly content, early access, and discount in the Small Wardrobe shop.



  1. I found exactly the same craving for colour, after a time, living without clutter. A little drama keeps things interesting-as long as it’s confined to my clothing!

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  2. I have to say, you’re making me think about counting up my garments and biffing the ones I seldom or never wear. But I should probably keep a couple of contingency outfits for those winter weeks when the weather doesn’t cooperate with the laundry 😦

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  3. I love this. I’m about to go through a clothes purge because in reality, I’m only wearing probably 10 same items each week.

    I am a person who fluctuates with weight. What are your thoughts on keeping clothes that “used to fit” or “could fit one day”? Should you keep them or just get rid of them and when the day comes that you’ve outgrown current sizes, just get new clothes? I always struggle with this.

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    1. That’s why I started to downsize! I still have more items than I actually wear ;). It’s nice to have options though.

      In terms of what you keep and discard, I think you should go with what you love. If you have a shirt that you genuinely love but it’s a size too big, hold onto it. You can probably still make that item work in your current weight. If it’s a size too small, give it a few months, and then let it go.

      If either of those shirts make you feel miserable, guilty or ugly in any way, burn them. Kidding, get rid of them responsibly, but say goodbye to them. Life is too short to let your wardrobe make you feel bad.

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  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Great video! Most of your clothes seem to be light and flowing. I’m kind of jealous. Lol. I have quite a few heavy pieces because of the cold weather where I live. I look forward to following your blog and videos. 🙂

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  5. Your cat is adorable! Thanks for the video, I have been waiting to downsize my closet for the spring cleaning for awhile now, so many pieces in there that I never wear anyways and it just looks a mess when I am reaching for the one or two outfits I do tend to wear…

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  6. Its so true…. I was watching your one of the video where you declutter your jewelry nd gone through with your wardrobe nd I like it. I have a huge problem of getting bore nd even washing. So I keep many. But are in cotton most of it so they crumble easily

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