My Minimalist Shoe and Handbag Collection

This week I am presenting you with my updated shoe and bag collection video. I was torn between posting this video, or a detailed account of my wardrobe today instead. In the end I held a vote in the comments section of the wardrobe tour video to gauge interest, and the response was ‘shoes’! The shoe and handbag video does ultimately make more sense, as this way you will be able to see my wardrobe as a whole.


I will post a couple of videos discussing all of my wardrobe choices over the coming weeks, so stay tuned. Today Patreon subscribers get early access to a video discussing my shoes and handbags. 

I will be posting all the details about each pair of shoes and handbag in the coming weeks, but in the meantime, below are two videos about my favourite handbag, featured in the video.


In case you missed it, below is my full clothing tour video.

Finally, here is the 2018 shoe and handbag collection video.

In May and June I am taking part in the Common Threads – Woven through Community event in Western Australia. The event is about ‘Integrating sustainability, creativity, and traditional hand-crafted wisdom’. I will be doing some presentations on my take on sustainability, from a minimalist point of view. Check out the event website for more details! Here is a direct link to one of my events.

Check out my YouTube channel for new videos about minimalism every week. Follow me on Instagram, where I record my minimalist outfits. Check me out on Facebook for resources and updates. I also have a Patreon account, where I post additional content weekly. Patreon subscribers receive a number of benefits, including additional weekly content, early access, and discount in the Small Wardrobe shop.



  1. I am in awe of how little clothing you have though I don’t feel compelled to follow suit. It’s not that I’ve got a particularly large wardrobe rather one that I’ve built up over years. I still wear regularly things I bought 30 years ago (investment dressing) and when something is no longer fashionable it goes into store until it comes back into fashion. Just pulled out a black double-breasted Jil Sander blazer that I also bought a long time ago. I derive great satisfaction from shopping in my closet!

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  2. I really liked how you worded that (referring to the comment above mine) because i have literally soo many clothes – i thought moving into a smaller apartment would help since i have small closets i’m forced to take things out. I have 2 (or 3? be honest) bins of clothes I want to part with, maybe because they don’t fit me as well as they did or they aren’t my style any more. (out with the old, in with the new!) maybe i’ll just turn my room into half a thrift store so it feels like im shopping. i just went through my closest and have a TON of crochet garments i made so I am going to work on finding those homes. My favorite pieces are my dresses – and I think i have as many dresses as you do pieces in your wardrobe. maybe not that bad. lol

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  3. Wow, not many shoes! I’m trying to cut back on mine and move towards barefoot shoes. I feel that the least I could get away with right now are one pair each of ballet flats, boots, heels (maybe I don’t need them), sneakers, sandals and something waterproof because it rains a lot where I live.

    How do you get by without exercise/hiking shoes?


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