25 Item Wardrobe Tour | Minimalist Wardrobe Show and Tell

Today I am giving you a detailed tour of the 25 items of clothing in my wardrobe.


Part of why I have been avoiding creating another wardrobe tour for so long is how time consuming documenting the wardrobe is. I feel that every item is useful and precious and deserves its own description. In my mind, this gratitude and respect for the items is the culmination of my minimalist journey. It is, however, a lengthy process to create such a post.

The last time I showed you my wardrobe in its entirety was in January 2017. If you are interested in checking out its evolution in the last year and a half, I recommend you check out the video below and its associated post first.

My motivation for writing this post remains the same as it was last year.

  1. To keep a record of the evolution of my wardrobe for myself.
  2. To help you build your own small wardrobe if you need inspiration.

If you are looking to get some additional help building your own small wardrobe, stay tuned. I will be posting some useful downloadable wardrobe building resources next weekend. Patreon subscribers will get early access to those tomorrow.


Not many people know this, but my blog evolved from writing notes about my wardrobe on my phone when I first started decluttering, at the beginning of 2016. This is why documenting every item in detail comes naturally to me. I have been doing it for some time, and I know that this reflective process is really helpful in making decisions about my clothing.

If you have seen last year’s wardrobe tour, you will notice there are a lot of changes.

1. There is a lot more colour. I have been reaching for muted colours a lot over the past year. As I’ve already mentioned in a few other blog posts, I got bored of white, grey and black. Due to my small size, I have found black in particular dissatisfying, though a healthy enthusiasm for grey remains. I’m not sure that I have reached my ‘final form’, however I do know that my authentic style at the moment requires a palette of colour.

2. Most items were purchased second hand. In trawling for my online shop, I got hooked on second hand shopping. While I have added many more items to my wardrobe than I originally intended to in 2018 (and obviously discarded a lot), the expense has been minimal. In a world where we are used to reinventing ourselves on a regular basis, second hand shopping is a cost effective and environmentally friendly (guilt free) way of doing this.

3. There are fewer tops and bottoms. I have realised how much more versatile I find longer hemlines, and as a result my wardrobe is almost totally made up of dresses or tunic style tops and knits. As a response to that sassy comment I’ve been seeing a lot of on my YouTube channel lately, yes, my wardrobe is made up of mostly dresses. I think of these as transeasonal items that have many uses.

4. The emergence of the V-neck. I am generally quite small. I’m an Australian size 6 on top and a size 8 on the bottom. What I have learnt is that narrow or rounder necklines do not flatter me as much as a V-neck does. A V-neck opens my shoulders up and creates an illusion that I am broader there. I have learnt that in winter my neck and collarbones do not get cold, so provided the top or dress is warm, my comfort is not hindered by the cut.

5. I only want hard working items. My wardrobe has shrunk since the last tour, and even while filming this set of tours, I was made aware of items that really don’t get enough use. They are now being monitored. What I want is for every single item in my wardrobe to get regular wear. I really don’t want items that I don’t use a lot. These items will soon get discarded or replaced.


Below are my 25 items of clothing.

Navy tie dye viscose Lacausa slip. I purchased this item second hand and raised the original midi hem. I love the colours, and find it to be a convenient item to own, especially in the summer months. As with my other two slip dresses, I sometimes wear it as a singlet, tucked into jeans. I love it in the cooler months, as it forms a great focal point between neutral grey or black tights and knits. There is only one small issue with it, and that is the seam under the bust is somewhat irritating on my skin. 7/10


Blush viscose/rayon Lacausa jumpsuit. I bought this item second hand. The straps have been altered in all three of my Lacausa jumpsuits to suit my size. Out of the three that I own, this jumpsuit gets the least wear. While the colour is beautiful, I don’t seem to gravitate towards it as much as the mint and black. I may be selling this one in the coming months. 6/10


Mint tie dye viscose/rayon Lacausa jumpsuit. I bought this item second hand. This is probably my favourite of the three jumpsuits. I am thinking of bringing up the hem as the length might just be a little too overbearing on me. The size of this one is an S, while the other two are XS. 9/10


Mint viscose/rayon Lacausa dress. This is my most formal of dresses, and one of the most expensive items in my wardrobe. The straps had to be altered as it was cut too low in its original form. I just realised that I have had every one of my Lacausa items altered. They are beautiful pieces, but run quite large. While I’m marking this item down because I barely ever wear it, I am not intending to get rid of it any time soon. 8/10


Blue rayon Sari midi dress. I purchased this item at a local market. It’s a great everyday piece with a flattering cut and colour. 8/10


White organic cotton Bassike tee. I love this simple and practical tee. It is a high quality basic which I continue to reach for. I have had it for a couple of years now, and have no intention of removing it from my wardrobe. I’m going to make a video about it soon. 10/10


Khaki rayon Jules The Label wrap dress. I bought this item at a market, and it was designed locally. This was one of the first coloured items I bought last year, and it altered the course of my wardrobe as a result. I’m not sure how often I will wear it in winter, but it is an excellent versatile summer favourite. 10/10

IMG_1014 (1)

Khaki viscose Lacausa sheer dress. I bought this item second hand, and altered it to a point where it looks almost nothing like the original. I love the tee-shirt feel of this midi dress. I have also become a fan of sheer fabrics lately, as I think they have a lot to offer in terms of layering. 8/10


Khaki silk Morrison slip. I bought this item second hand. I love khaki at the moment, I think of it as grey with a hue, so it is my staple colour. It works really well with my skin tone, and I love the way it contrasts with a warm red lipstick. This slip is sheer, so it works best layered or tucked into jeans. 9/10


Black rayon Kuwaii top. This is a loose fitting, excellent basic, which I’ve owned for years and continue to wear regularly. It has enjoyed a renaissance recently due to the increase in sheer items in my wardrobe. 9/10


Black viscose blend Morrison slip. I discussed this item in detail when I purchased it. It continues to be a favourite for its versatility. I altered the hem to make it shorter, and I’m considering bringing the straps up a little higher, as it seems to be revealing too much of my bust lately. 9/10


Black viscose/rayon Lacausa jumpsuit. I love this versatile item. I bought it new and had the straps altered. As a result it is one of the most expensive items I own, but it is equally loved. 10/10


Black viscose S2 sheer top. I bought this top as something to cover up with at work. I have rarely reached for it this year, and I think a lot of this has to do with the neckline, which I don’t find too flattering on me. I cannot recall many times I wore it over the summer, and I think I’m going to sell it soon. 4/10


Black viscose Sportsgirl drape dress. From last year’s wardrobe tour: ‘Through a majority of last year I thought I was going to discard this dress, because I didn’t feel it was particularly flattering. That changed when I got my leather jacket. Layering it with that item has given it a new life, and it’s something I wear regularly now.’ Unfortunately I am back to ignoring this guy. I have lost a bit of weight and find it heavy and dull on my frame. I found it very functional last winter, but now I have coloured slips that I think I might prefer to layer with over the cooler months. I truly love and appreciate everything this item has done for me over the years, but I think it may be time to part ways soon. It’s not you, it’s me! 5/10


Black floral silk Sarah-Jane sheer dress. I bought this item second hand for my shop. Then I tried it on and decided to keep it for myself. I had to drop the hemline because I found it a little too short. I love the feminine feel of it. My one complaint is that it is a mock wrap dress, so I cannot wear it in as many ways as I would if it were an actual wrap dress. 7/10


Denim cotton Abrand cut offs. I have had these for quite some time and I still think they are a useful basic for the Australian summer. 10/10


Denim cotton Abrand jeans. I bought these second hand online. The size was marked wrong in the listing, but I just had a good feeling about them. My instinct turned out to be correct, and they are a perfect fit in the waist and butt. I love the relaxed cut, as I discussed at length last year, there is no longer space in my life for any item of clothing that hugs my crotch or thighs. These were quite long, so I chopped the bottom off for a cropped raw hem. I love them! 10/10


Tan merino Witchery knit. I bought this item second hand for my online shop. Months later, when I was in the South West over a cold week, I started to fantasise about having it with me when all the grey got unbearable. I like it because I think of it as a neutral piece with a hue in it. 8/10


Grey wool and cashmere blend Bridge & Lord knit. I bought this item second hand for my online shop, and then I realised it had a couple of small holes in it. I decided to keep it rather than try to sell it. I am not sure how practical it is, as the neckline is low cut and I tend to wear it around the house with my pyjamas mostly so far. When I decided to integrate this item into my wardrobe for its incredible warmth, I sold my old Uniqlo cashmere knits on eBay. 5/10


Dark grey wool and alpaca blend Country Road knit. I bought this item second hand for my shop and then fell in love with V-neck sweaters with long hemlines. It is lovely and warm, considering how lightweight it is. It is slightly too big though, so I may end up passing it on at some point. 8/10


Charcoal merino Morrison knit. I bought this item last year and I still love it, though it gets less wear than it should, due to the narrow band at the bottom of the knit. 7/10


Black pure wool Decjuba knit. I bought this item second hand online, and when it arrived I realised it had about three small holes in the front. For a time I enjoyed the longer hemline, but now it is not getting wear due to my V-neck obsession. I am not going to be able to sell this one due to the holes. If you really like it and don’t mind a few holes, email me and I can send it to you for the charge of the postage, rather than donating it to an overcrowded thrift store. The holes are not noticeable if you wear a black layer underneath. I actually bought an identical one which I sold in my shop, so you can check that listing for measurements. 5/10


Black leather Marcs jacket. I am sad. This was by far my most favourite item of clothing for a solid year, but something has changed. It was also the most expensive, and I had the sleeves altered at an additional cost. I’ve lost a little weight and now it doesn’t look quite right. I think it also has something to do with the cropped cut. I keep trying to wear it but I feel like it doesn’t really work as well as it used to. I’m going to give it a few more chances over winter, but I might be selling it if I can’t fall back in love with it within the next few months. 7/10


Black wool blend Maxim box shaped coat. I still like this old coat. I am definitely holding onto it. 8/10


Black lyocell Zara trench. I bought this item years ago, hence its fast fashion origin. I still love this trench, though sometimes I feel like it is too big. Still, it was one of my most worn items last winter, so I will hold onto it for a while yet. 8/10


Well, I hope you enjoyed this ridiculously detailed post. It took hours to write and photograph!

Below is my wardrobe tour video in which I speak about my evolving style and how I wear these items.

A little reminder that in May and June I am taking part in Common Threads in the Perth Hills. I will be doing some presentations on my take on sustainability, from a minimalist point of view. Check out the event website for more details! Here is a direct link to tomorrow’s event.

Check out my YouTube channel for new videos about minimalism every week. Follow me on Instagram, where I record my minimalist outfits. Check me out on Facebook for resources and updates. I also have a Patreon account, where I post additional content weekly. Patreon subscribers receive a number of benefits, including additional weekly content, early access, and discount in the Small Wardrobe shop. ❤




    1. I think the easiest way to stay organised is to have less stuff. ;). Anyway, wardrobe organisation video is planned and will be happening in the next few weeks/month. Maybe that will help!

      …I really don’t have time to do my day job anymore.


  1. Wow, you are very inspiring! I would love to reduce my wardrobe down to so few items! But I would need at least two outfits for exercising…so maybe 29 items? I have just started reducing, so I am happy to see what works for you and what my wardrobe could be someday! Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m just starting to try to purchase more natural/organic and ethical clothes. So this also means buying fewer more quality items. I am trying to quit fast fashion completely. I have spent many, many hours online looking up ethical fashion brands to help me quit fast fashion. I cannot find any brand that has a bohemian style that works for me. Not too ‘boho’ (I am 48 years old and showing all my parts is just not comfortable for me). I love items with interesting details or just plain old pretty prints. I also live in Canada and I do have to wear ‘winter’ clothes. It has been very hard to resist buying fast fashion because it is so hard to find colors and prints that I like. Do you know of any ethical/organic/ brands that have a sutble bohemian style that isn’t just sundresses. I like the style of clothes at American Eagle. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow Colleen, well done! 😀The only brand that comes to mind is Reformation. They have a more contemporary ‘boho’ look, that can be a lot more chic than the standard floral dress. Hope this helps, and good luck! ❤️


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