Minimalist Shoe and Handbag Collection Show and Tell

This week I am presenting you with a show and tell video about my shoe and handbag collection. Here I will give you the details about each of my pairs of shoes and handbags.



I have to note that this post and the attached video do not include my grotty old running shoes. I instantly regret this decision, because the number one comment on the original 2018 shoe tour video is ‘what do you run in?’ Rookie mistake.

My reasoning for not including my running shoes in this video are below.

  1. My sneakers are specialised equipment that I only use for exercise.
  2. I did not include my exercise clothing in the wardrobe tour video because it is specialised equipment that I only use for exercise.
  3. I store my sneakers in my car so that I can access them easily while I’m out.
  4. They are not ‘fun’ ‘fashion’ items that I have chosen to own.


In case you missed it, here is the shoe and handbag collection video.


Here is my shoe and handbag show and tell.

Black Birkenstock Arizona sandal. I bought these at the start of this year to replace my broken thongs and my deteriorating sandals. They are very comfortable and I wear them almost daily. I am lucky enough to be able to get away with wearing these at work! 10/10


Black Vista sandals. I have owned these shoes for at least three or four years, and their time is up. As we speak, they have been relocated from my wardrobe to a donation pile. I would normally try to sell or give old items away, but these are too worn out. They don’t actually smell, but they look they do. They were very useful to me in their time, and I love the style. I bought the Birkenstocks to replace them and as winter is coming, I am happy to send these guys away. 8/10


Black Django & Juliette boots. I bought these last year to replace another similar pair of very worn out boots. They have a slight heel, though they are still very comfortable. 9/10


Black Nine West heels. These are my formal shoes. As you can see, they are only really appropriate for very dressy occasions. I think the thin strap makes them look chic and polished. I tried a number of pairs on before I found these, and they are as comfortable as one can imagine a stiletto heel to be. 8/10


Black Status Anxiety bucket bag. I bought this item recently, as I needed a crossbody that would free up my hands. It has done that job well, and I love it! This is now my daily bag.


If you want more information about my bucket bag, below are two videos about it. 10/10

Contrast COS clutch bag. I bought this item in London in 2013, making it one of the oldest items I own. I still love it! It has remained resilient through all my purges because it is a good quality basic and yet simultaneously unique. For a number of years this clutch was my daily bag, and while it has retired from this position, I continue to use it for casual and formal occasions.


I am happy with my bags, as both are useful to me. My shoe collection is actually currently at three, as I have chosen to donate my sandals. Part of the reason for this is that both the sandals and Birkenstocks have a very similar look and purpose.

In the meantime, I have identified a gap in my shoe collection. I originally thought a pair of silver slides could fill it, but I realise now it will not. I have two pairs of shoes that are casual, and one pair that is very formal. I need something that is in between those two categories, that can be worn to make my outfits look a little more polished when necessary. I am looking at some sandals with a slight heel for this purpose.  

In terms of keeping your shoe and handbag collection small, I would recommend that you pick colours that are neutral and can be worn together. There is nothing wrong with having a coloured accessory in the mix, but consider the style and shape, and whether it will work with other items in your wardrobe. As an example, I recently purchased some silver slides with a camel coloured soul. While the shoes are adorable with a few items I own, I am not able to keep them because they do not work with enough items in my wardrobe. It really is much easier if you have an overall theme to create a sense of unity. This will ultimately allow the most versatility.

Below is my shoe and handbag collection show and tell video.

As I mentioned in my last post, I am taking part in the Common Threads – Woven through Community event in Western Australia over May and June. If you’ve ever wanted to meet me in person, you can! Check out the event website for more details! 

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