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This post finds you a little earlier than usual. The time has come when I yet again need a break in the South West. I will be away this weekend, so the post is coming to to you today.

Today’s post and video were inspired by a question from a viewer. Karine asked, ‘ can you pretty please do a video on your jewelry collection and maybe give tips on how you pair them together and with clothes while still keeping it minimalist.’


My minimalist wardrobe tour continues, though I am hardly a minimalist when it comes to jewellery. In this case, more is more!


I don’t know why this happens, but I tend to attach a lot of sentimental meaning to my jewellery. Some might say it’s the cost of these pieces, but this is not true. Most of these piece were under $50 each, a lot less than individual items of clothing in my wardrobe.

The video below gives you details about how I style my jewellery as well as a little jewellery tour. I also explain why each piece is unique and valuable to me.

While researching this video, I came across a brand I used to love. I totally forgot about it until I needed to find out who designed the little gold studs shown in the video. As a result, this post is becoming a mini review of the brand Nettie Kent.

The story of how I came to love this brand is pretty weird. Back in 2012 there was a short lived reality TV show about a group of young women trying to make it in the New York City art world. It was called Gallery Girls. I loved it. Later, in 2013, I went on a sabbatical, during which I spent a month hanging out in New York City. As I was a fan of the show, I decided to check out the gallery/retail space that some of the cast – Chantal and Lara – owned. There I discovered Nettie Kent.

I ended up purchasing the Petros Studs, which are the earrings I referred to in the video. At the time I also purchased the Mikri Vigla pendant. A couple years ago during one of my declutters I ended up selling the pendant. As beautiful as it was, I wasn’t wearing it. I think it was a little too big for my small frame. I still think it is a beautiful piece though, as is manages to capture both geometric and organic form in one item.


I was super excited that both these designs are still produced today. I am not surprised, for they are unique and simultaneously timeless.

Weirdly, I wrote a little post about Nettie Kent on a Tumblr account I had at the time. Don’t get excited, it had about three posts – one about Nettie Kent, one about places to see aurora borealis, and one ‘DIY spa night with your friends’. As you can see, there was no unifying theme or consistency, and the blog has been long deleted.

I have found Nettie Kent jewellery to be very resilient. The Petros Studs are gold plated, but have not worn away as is typical with plated jewellery. While it is true that they need a little polish, they are generally in excellent condition.

It has been quite a thrill reacquainting myself with Nettie Kent, and having browsed their products again, I am quite excited about the Astrid Ring stack. As you have seen, I love to wear fine silver and gold rings in stacked arrangements.


Photo credit: Images from the Nettie Kent website.

I am visiting New York in late September/early October, so perhaps I will visit the Nettie Kent studio and give you some more information about the brand. I’m also going to visit another awesome jewellery shop called Catbird, where you can find more of these skinny stackables. I love Brooklyn.

Tomorrow night is my final rendezvous with Common Threads for 2018. If you’ve ever wanted to meet me in person, this is your last chance, for now at least.

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  1. I love your jewellery collection. So refined. I am always hunting for the elusive bohemian but elegant. Seems you have nailed this conundrum yet again. Thanks for the post!

    Light and love

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