How to Organise Your Wardrobe | Minimalist Wardrobe Organisation Tour

Today I am giving you a tour of my actual wardrobe. I invite you into my small walk in robe to show you how I organise my clothing.

There are three factors that have informed my wardrobe organisation.

  1. Visibility. I want to find things easily.
  2. Care. I want to make sure that my clothing is free of dust and Gary Jeffries’ fur.
  3. Access. I want to be able to move things in and out easily.


Below are the key ways I organise my wardrobe. This post includes affiliate links.

  • I store off-season clothing in suit bags to keep dust and fur off. I usually dry clean coats at the end of each cold season and keep them in the bags over summer. Similar suit bags here.


  • I store my fitness clothing and sweaters in cute wine crates. Knits should never be hung, as this places unnecessary stress on the fibre. I prefer to roll my knits up, it is a lot quicker than folding. I got my crates years ago and stained them myself, but you can find similar ones below.

Vintage Stained-rustic Wood Crates Set of 4

Cheung’s 4706-3BR Slat Crates with Side Handles, Brown, 3 Piece

1 French Original Wine Crates Twelve count Bottles


  • The only way is up! I keep my shoes off the ground to make cleaning easy. I store them on the top shelf.  If this is not an option for you, consider a fabric wardrobe organiser.


  • I colour coordinate the items in my wardrobe. This is so I can find items easily.


  • I colour coordinate the hangers in my wardrobe. I don’t even know where I got mine, but here are some similar ones.


It is easy for me to store my small wardrobe of thirty-something items in this way. Here are some tips for organising your wardrobe if you have many more items than me.

  • Display as many items as possible. Avoid storing things in boxes and drawers. Seeing everything that you have will make it easier to make use of more of the items in your wardrobe.
  • Store the items you use the most at eye level, so they are easy to find.
  • Anything valuable and fragile should be stored in a suit bag.
  • Your wardrobe should be just as aesthetically pleasing as any other part of your house. Use coordinated hangers and shelving for an unified look.
  • Keep things organised in categories. All your tee’s, pants, knits, etc, should be stored in the same area.
  • If you have lots of small things, find storage solutions that will separate and display these items.

If you would like more help, I have created a wardrobe organisation resource for you, Five Steps to an Organised Wardrobe! Check out the resources page for more useful documents.

Below is my wardrobe organisation video.

Incase you missed it, this week I also posted my second instalment of Intentional Living. This month I interviewed Jane Milburn, author of Slow Clothing: finding meaning in what we wear.

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