Five Ways to Stay Sane in Winter When You’re Addicted to the Sun

The idea for this post came to me while I was in my favourite coffee house in Fremantle, The Attic, listening to two women speaking in Japanese. Sitting there with a delicious coffee, in a warm rustic setting, the rhythm of the language instantly relaxed me.


I love Japanese culture and the intentionality that seems to be inherent in it. There is a focus on mindfulness, meditation and flow. In many Japanese art forms the process is just as important as the final outcome, if not more so.

Two examples of these are ‘kado’, and ‘chado’. Kado is the art of flower arranging. The process involves selecting and arranging flowers to achieve visual balance. Chado is the Japanese word for tea ceremony. Tea ceremony is a ritual built around the act of making tea and sharing it with others. Flowers and tea are things that many cultures enjoy, but few have ritualised the act in such a beautiful way.

As I sat there on that wintery day in The Attic, I contemplated these things. I began to think about how important it is to embrace the processes we experience every day. I thought about how important it is to find joy in the simple things; a great coffee, a hearty meal, a rainy day. I thought about how someone like myself, who loves the dynamic summer months, full of energy and light, can begin to adapt to the inevitable change brought by the season.


Below are five ways I am embracing the winter months.

  1. Stay Warm. The best way to start the transition into winter is to surround yourself with soft, lightweight, and yet insulative fibres. My favourites are merino and cashmere.
  2. Feel Attractive. Find a way to feel attractive in your winter wardrobe. Winter clothing can be heavy and overbearing. Create a winter uniform that accentuates your best. 
  3. Adjust your diet. Winter food needs to be hearty and nourishing. Winter is when I transition to soup, toast, and lots of tea.
  4. Adjust your fitness routine. Fitness is an important part of wellbeing. If, like me, you like to exercise outdoors, find a way to transition to indoor fitness.
  5. Listen to your body. Winter is the time to accept that you need more rest. Adjust your routine to invite warmth and nurturing into your life.

Below is my video where I discuss these things in more detail.

Finally, sorry about the delay in the Slow Clothing giveaway results. I don’t understand technology, and Instagram broke my brain. I should be able to tell you who won tomorrow. ❤

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  1. I find having a log-burner is very good for my mental health in winter. Watching the leaping flames, feeling the radiating heat – it’s satisfying in a way that a heat pump just isn’t. For those without the option of a log-burner, perhaps try a candle (you can still toast marshmallows over it!).

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    1. It’s strange hearing you talk about prepping for winter as I live on the East Coast of the U.S. where the weather is getting hot as hell. Lifting hand weights can help diminish that extra energy as well as burn calories and tone you up. I use leg weights, too. When you’re focusing on reps, it helps clear your brain of everything else. I lived in England, and I totally get those miserable, rainy days of winter. I do, however, miss the balmy summer days when 80 degrees Fahrenheit was a heat wave! BTW, Gary Jeffries is SO cute! I have 2 rescue kitties. One is a big ginger and white tabby we named Loverboy because he’s so affectionate. The other is a small gray and white little girl whom we named Bella because of her sweet little face. It’s so nice having them in our house!

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