Altering a Second Hand Merino Top DIY | Sustainable Frugal Minimalist Wardrobe

With all the decluttering I have done in recent years, I have learnt that every single item I own must have a purpose. If an item does not get a lot of use, I end up removing it from my life.

Up until my most recent declutter, I had a couple of merino tops that I kept as layers for cold weather. They were black, and as a result they collected cat fur. It frustrated me that they always looked dirty. In addition, they both had a tight fit. I don’t like wearing tight things, especially on top, as they make my small upper body seem even smaller. For these reasons, I barely ever wore them, and they needed to go.

I’ve been looking for a v-neck merino top to replace these for some time now. I wanted a v-neck, with a loose cut in a mid saturation colour.

Recently, while second hand shopping, I found a merino top that matched these criteria, though it was too large. Seeing as the purchase price was less than $10, I decided to take it home and alter it.


I knew the item was of a good quality, because of the limited pilling. I shaved off the light pilling in the armpit areas with my lint shaver first.

To make this top fit me, I essentially needed to narrow and shorten the sleeves. I wanted to leave it loose in the body and armpit area.

Please note, the steps I describe make this a very simple, no fuss alteration. There are ways to make this alteration more durable and professional, but I am giving you the easy version. Here is my Altering a Merino Knit DIY. You can find it on my resources page, along with other helpful documents.


I am very happy with the results. I have been able to fill a gap in my wardrobe at a very low price, all while saving a high quality item from a life of obscurity in a second hand shop.

Below is my video about this process.

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  1. this was so helpful, thank you!
    also thanks for stopping by and liking my post, means a lot. ( ‘’ just in case you forgot) 🙂

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  2. I think you’re merino sweater DIY is clever. I must apologize for not looking more closely at your blog sooner. You had kindly commented on my post “Polyester Rant” at Keep up the good work on sustainability; it’s an important issue. Sincerely, Valerie. (I’m now on Instagram)

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