The Problem with Haul Videos | My First #Haulternative | Organic Basics Coupon Code

As a minimalist, I find haul videos troublesome. The main reason is those types of videos, much like fast fashion manufacturers, promote the disposability of poorly produced items. If you’ve never seen a haul video, the premise is that an influencer will collect a large number of new items, and talk about where they got them, how they fit, and other details about the items. The items are often low cost.

I don’t have an issue with this concept of discussing specific items of clothing per se, and a lot of my content can be quite similar. I take issue with the volume of items, and the frequency of videos made. The message that these videos send is that more is better, and very little attention is paid to the true quality of the items. The kinds of things that your favourite minimalists would encourage, such as versatility, the ethics and environmental impact of production and disposal, are completely ignored.

In the video below I discuss my deep and intense feelings about haul videos.

For the reasons just mentioned, I never thought I’d be caught dead doing a haul video of my own. The idea typically goes against every grain of my being. Recently though, I did happen to acquire a few things in close succession, so here we are! I figured you would enjoy seeing new additions to my wardrobe.

Another reason I decided to make the video was because I am planning a lookbook video shortly. Most of these items will be featured in said video. I hate filming lookbook videos, for a couple of reasons. First, they are surprisingly time consuming and finicky to film. Secondly, I find the process of posing in front of the camera cringey, to say the least. As we have already established though, this blog and my attached YouTube channel are about me getting dressed, and try as I might to steer it in different directions, at the end of the day my wardrobe decisions seem to be why most people come here. I’d like you to stay!

Below are the items featured in my haul video.


The only one I will mention here is the dotted shirt. If you watch the video I explain my reason for getting it. It was a good reason. However, wearing it a couple of times over the recent week has reminded me of why I got rid of all my button up shirts in the first place. I feel like a prisoner when I wear one. I’m not sure it will last beyond the working year.

Now before you ask, yes, I still have approximately 25 items of clothing. As you have probably guessed, I got rid of some things. 

When I say I ‘got rid’ of them, I mean they are now for sale in my online shop. Yes, the shop is officially re-stocked, and these are some of the items in it. When you look at the prices, remember that postage is included, and I ship international, which is not cheap. I assure you that I make minimal money from these sales. Do not concern yourself, my impoverished artist integrity is still in tact.

I decided to pass these items for varied reasons, and if you want to know more about why, watch my wardrobe tour video in which I share my doubts about many of those items. In short, to generalise, they mostly just didn’t get as much wear as they should have.

Back to the video. We are calling it a #haulternative, because with the exception of the Organics Basics tee, which has been gifted to me by the brand in exchange for brandishing this here 20% off coupon code asmallwardrobexOB20 (get ‘em while they’re hot by following this link from Organic Basics), all items featured are second hand.

IMG_4507Organic Basics cotton heaven, ooh la la

Below is my first haul video.

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  1. I so agree with you about the haul videos, even the ones I have seen for thrift shopping bother me. We don’t need that many clothes and the ethics, sustainability and quality of many of these is lacking, even down to the plastic shopping bag. I am not down to a capsule wardrobe but I keep going back to my favorites and they tend to be my organic cotton, free trade items.

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  2. great post!! I agree, I see so many haul videos on youtube, but the ones that really irritate me are the Dollar store hauls, I don’t watch them but they still come up,, land fill garbage, temporary joy in cheaply made materials, sort of like junk food, cheap instant pleasure but no real value, you are an inspiration to buy what we need and buy quality, I have a small wardrobe, have what I like and need, thats all, I get by,, thank you for sharing this,

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  3. What an enlightening post! I agree 100% on the haul videos. Though I enjoy watching hauls to see the types of clothes people enjoy nowadays but I do feel the message it sent is not beneficial. And these youtubers who did hauls need to buy more stuff just to make more haul videos. Imagine the horror…But they need to do that to survive youtube. It’s kind of sad.

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  4. This is something I’ve been thinking about, and how we live in a consumer society that tells us we need more of this or that. I feel like a lot of haul videos are simply encouraging people to spend more money on products they don’t necessarily need. It creates a sense of not being fully satisfied with what you have.

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  5. I don’t really watch haul videos. I find them overwhelming. I get almost a physical type of reaction like I am suffocating just looking at so much stuff. Buying stuff is not a sport. Besides by buying fast fashion the consumer learns nothing about quality. They keep repeating the same mistakes over and over. You bought a $3 dollar tee and it started pilling and fell apart after two wears. Why buy another one? If we are doing cost per wear that’s $1.5 per one wear and you have an item that automatically looks like garbage. I have tees that I wore for years and they are still in great condition. Obviously not everyone can afford to spend a bunch of money on a tee. I totally get it.
    I have much less clothes than I’ve ever had. Still I would prefer quality over quantity.

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