Maxi Knit Three Ways

As a minimalist with a small wardrobe of less than 30 items, I am a big fan of testing the versatility of my clothing. In the Three Ways series, I explore the range of looks available from a single item. If you are somebody who wants to develop a minimalist wardrobe, the flexibility of clothing is crucial. Creating a successful small or capsule wardrobe relies on being able to wear your items in a number of different ways. Without versatile items, you will quickly tire of a small wardrobe.

While I have purchased this burgundy maxi knit specifically for my shop, I have been experimenting with my own grey merino maxi knit at home. For me a maxi knit is the go to item for this year’s cold season. Maxi knits offer warmth and variety, and whether you are in winter now, or heading into it, a high quality maxi cardigan is a great way to wrap up.

IMG_4420For the shop

IMG_4389For me

Here are three ways I am wearing maxi knits this season.

1. Casual. Worn casually, a maxi knit can be paired with just about anything you can imagine. I have worn it here with my favourite Abrand mom jeans and my merino v-neck. You could just as easily wear it with a tights and low hemmed top, a skirt or a dress.


2. Fancy. I wear my Lacuasa jumpsuit if I have a craving for luxury. I have belted the jumpsuit on this occasion, and worn the maxi cardigan for warmth. I have kept things relatively casual with boots, but you could easily upgrade this look with a pair of heels.


3. Dress. The seed for this look was sown when I saw an image of Emily Ratajkowski wearing a statement belt with jeans. It took me back to the late 80’s/early 90’s. Then I forgot about it. It was only when I found the burgundy knit and figured out I could button it into a maxi dress that the belt came back into my consciousness. I tried desperately to find this kind of belt second hand, but failed miserably. In the end I resorted to purchasing it somewhere I wouldn’t normally shop. Please don’t ask where I got it, it is too awful to mention.

IMG_2201Emily Ratajkowski

This video below explores how to style a maxi knit in three different ways.

This post marks the restocking of my online shop, so please check it out!

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