10 Items 25 Looks | Effortless Minimalist Wardrobe Lookbook

This week I wanted to showcase how versatile the right clothing can be. I decided to see just how far I could stretch a small selection of items from my wardrobe. After carefully considering these items, I was able to come up with 25 outfits I would happily wear in a range of contexts, including casual, work and evening wear.

The key to creating this many looks was to really ensure that every single item I chose would work with the others. I also needed to make sure the items could be layered.

Ten items is not enough for a full wardrobe, and I’m sure one would bore of wearing those items everyday, but these items could easily form the basis of a wardrobe. Add a couple of extra pairs of shoes, a coat, some tights and a few other basic items, and you could easily have a satisfying wardrobe with around twenty items.

Here are the stars of the show.

1. A belt I recently purchased. I cannot tell you where. It was not a great place.


2. My favourite Django & Juliette boots.


3. Organic Basics organic cotton tee. Follow this link and use coupon code asmallwardrobexOB20 to get 20% off Organic Basics.


4. Morrison slip dress.


5. Vintage cardigan.


6. Second hand silk shirt.


7. Abrand Jeans.


8. Upcycled sheer dress.


9. Lacausa jumpsuit.


10. Second hand maxi cardigan.



Here are some of the outfits I was able to create with these items.


Here is the full range of outfits I was able to create!

10 x 25 (1)

Below is a video showcasing these looks in more detail.

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